The fact that I let this game go unnoticed for so long should be a crime, but that also means I didn't have to wait very long for it's release. And yet I've read a number of comments about how it's not Sacred 3, and anyone who neglects this game because of that is sorely missing out because Sacred Citadel is frickin awesome, and if nothing else, helped to wet my appetite for Sacred 3.

The game features gorgeous Water-color backdrops that will take through dense jungles, sunlit vistas, and rolling tundras throughout the story. It features four playable characters, all incredibly well designed, who use essentially the same moveset in noticeably different ways to tear through hordes of monsters. and the RPG elements, sparse though they may be, help give you goals to strive for. I was also pleasantly surprised that i't not centered around multiplayer, the single player campaign holds up just fine, which is nice if you cant get a few people to play.

However, where this game falls short is in it's story. Try as I might, I simple couldn't be bothered to care very much about what was going on, but that's okay, I still had more than enough incentive to press on, if for no other reason than to get a glimpse of the next area. aside from that, the only other gripe I had was that the in-game sprites are so small. it's very easy to lose track of your character in the heat of battle. But aside from that, there's very little to complain about.

I'm sure you already know whether or not you'll like this kind of game, but all things said, this game is just pure, beat-em-up fun with a beautiful aesthetic and solid mechanics, and definitely worth $15 if you're even the least bit interested.