First off to all the people that think the game is going to be more of one giant escort quest, you have never been so wrong. I have finished the game really early the day it came out and fully beaten it on 1999 mode and earned the platinum trophie. there are several points i would like to point out about the game in this review. first the graphics, sounds ( music and voice overs) game play, plot / story, characters, weapons, vigors, gear, enemies, and of course the city above the clouds, Columbus.

The Graphics:  I purchased and beaten the PS3 version of the game. The other section of my review can be for any platform while this is exclusive to the ps3. The graphics on the PS3 are Phenomenal. (as always). Even with the more realistic graphics it still has the appeal and mood that every bioshock fan has come to love. All thanks to their amazing artists and art directors that put all the time and effort into their work.

The Sounds: The sounds of the game give it the feel that games now a days have been missing. The sounds set the mood perfectly for the game. The tone of the voices that Elizabeth uses makes you feel like she is truly angry at you and makes you have a strong feeling towards her. The background music and sounds flow seamlessly with what is going on in the world and they strike you with fear and suspense when it is needed for t he story and the ambient sounds bring the world to life.

The Game play: The game play is smooth. This is the one thing I was not fully in to with the game. They strayed from the original play style that the other bioshock had. I missed not being able to carry around med packs and eve hypos like the others. Having to search the environment for health and salts can sometime be very tedious and time consuming. The shield made the game feel a little less like a bioshock game and more like a hybrid of call of duty or halo. Only being able to have two guns on you at one time is a different but more realistic change to the game. No more magic pockets. I sometimes miss the weapon reel, however I prefer my games to be more realistic. The game play is smooth and fulfilling and fits the game perfectly, its just does not fit into the series perfectly.

The Plot / Story: The plot of the game is seriously what makes this game fit in with the series perfectly. It makes great connections with the other games and brings the series to an amazing place. Thanks to the writers of the game it has the same overall feel that the original Bioshock had. Lets face it the second game did not have the same emotional story that the first one had that drawn us in and made us love every twist and turn within the story. This game has that same story structure that makes you grow emotional and engulfed in the world around the characters.

The Characters: The characters make the game extremely engulfing.

Booker Dwitt: a character that is a great protagonist. He is not a silent protagonist like Jack and Project Delta. Dwitt shows his feelings through his tone of voice and how he talks to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: a compelling companion through the world of Bioshock Infinite. She is extremely helpful with her ability to aide you in fights by throughout you health, salts, ammo, and even silver eagles (in game currency). Having her with you does not make the game feel like and escort quest at all. She has a mind and personality all her own that makes he stop to grab some cotton candy to eat and even to play with objects within the environment. Warning: you will grow emotionally attached to her while playing through the game.

Zachery Comstock: an amazing antagonist for booker dwitt. He is at par with Andrew Ryan. The are both creaters of their own world. His presence within the game feels just like how we all felt about Andrew Ryan. They have the same personality and same goals.

The Weapons: This is not including the pre-order bonuses.

Shotgun: The shotgun has one major flaw, the reload time, which can be sortened later on in the game through and upgrade.. The damge of the gun is amazing. And truly worthy or using the whole game. (second most used gun)

Sniper rifle: just like any other sniper rifle it is best used only at far range and it kills relatively everything by just shooting them in the chest no need to aim for a head shot.

Pistol: The pistol can fire as fast as you can pull the trigger. Does not do much damage, however on a critical hit it does enough damage to take out most normal solders on the first or second shot.

Machine Gun: The machine gun does not have that much damage and does not do much critical damage so it is irrelevant to aim for the head. The best choice is to aim for the body to take down enemies. Uses a lot of ammo within a short time. (my most used gun)

Peppermille Crank Gun: The crank gun is very rare and should never be used for long purposes. Only found off motorized patriots and from tears.

Skyhook: The skyhook is an amazing melee weapon. It stays with you the whole game and is your first weapon of the game and is used for more than just combat. This is the only weapon with execution options.

Combine: The combine is extremely similar to the pistol except that it has a further ranger.

Burst Gun: 3 shot burst whos total damage from all 3 shots is still less than 1 from the combine. However there is a lot of ammo fro it.

Volly Gun: the volly gun is for close range and the splash damage is not the greatest so the primary thing to do is to aim for a direct hit.

Hail Fire: the hail fire is fun because the bullet varries based on how long you hold down the trigger. If you tap it then it will bounce off walls, if you hold it down it will bounce off walls then will explode when you release the trigger.

Hand Cannon: The hand cannon has a very high damage and a very low fire rate. The reload speed is extremely low so make sure that if used make every shot count.

RPG: The RPG has a slow fire rate and it can be used to do the game stuff as the devils kiss vigor and is extremely powerful. Warning: Booker is not immune to damage use at own risk.

Repeater: The repeater looks like the machine gun but functions like the combine with a higher rate of fire. The bad thing is that it does lower critical damage.

Heater: the heater is only good at close range and is very risky to use, however it has an extremely high damage.

Vigors: The vigors in the game function like the plasmids from the other games and 90% of them can also be used as traps. The function off salts and you still have the reel to select them from.

Possession: You can use this vigor to make the enemies of the world join you for a limited time and after the time runs out the possessed enemies will commit suicide (except machines).

Devils Kiss: This vigor acts like a grenade and catches enemies on fire.

Murder of Crows: This vigor is used as a distraction mostly so you can easily fill them full of lead.

Bucking Bronco: lifts the enemies off the ground and makes them easy flouting targets

Shock Jockey: functions exactly like the shock plasmid from original bioshock.

Charge: Uses the Skyhook to lunge at the enemies.

Undertow: Sends the enemies flying or bringing them in close for an easy kill.

Return to Sender: Creates a shield that collects bullets fired by enemies and can turn their shots against them.

Gear: The gear in the game makes the game different for every player. You can interchange the gear at any time within the game and it changes different things within the game and grants you different abilities to fit your style of play.

Enemies: The enemies within the game are extremely smart. The AI of the game is some of the best I have seen. The think light on their feet and ambush you if you give them the chance. You must watch out for the special enemies than dope down on booker through the game and take them easy and carefully.

Columbia: The city is very engulfing just as Rapture was. You will love to explore this city over and over again and you will never grow tired of it. A city in the sky is completely opposite of a city under water, however they have the same feel and reality factor. The city has more secrets than Rapture had and you will find yourself hunting down ever last secret behind the city. From when you enter the city and all the way till the final cut scene you will never want to set food on the ground again.

Overall rating: My overall rating and conclusion of the game is that everyone should give this game a try. People that loved the original games will love this one. This is an amazing addition to an already amazing series. The game has very few flaws and an amazingly high replay value. I have already replayed and beaten the game at least 5 times on every difficulty. I rate this game a perfect 10/10. a must own for any gamer.