Hooked, from 2 minutes in is the only way I can describe what this game felt like. I chose the Siren and my Brother-in-Law chose the commando, and off we went into a game I wasn't exactly sure I was going to enjoy. Didn't care to much for the first one, played it for about 3 or 4 hours then decided it just wasn't for me. This game though, I knew right away I was going to really really enjoy. As soon as Knuckledragger laid dead at our feet I was ready to stay up till 6am seeing how far I could get and the crazy guns I could find.

     Then I got to level 5 and was like WHAAAAAAAT this game  has a skill tree?! Hello 100+ hours of gameplay then. This loot hunt, RPG, shooter reminds me of what I wanted Diablo 3 to feel like. Not the shooter part but that feeling that w/ a good enough weapon I'll be able to handle hordes of enemies w/o flinching. I'd be handling these hordes w/ weapons I found on my own, through boss fights and loot chests. How you find your weapons and armor and all other goodies in this game is just as enjoyable a mechanic as playing through the game game itself.

     As you play through this game you develop a love/hate relationship w/ the main antagonist, Handsome Jack, who is kinda like The Joker but w/ more butt jokes. The anticipation of finding and commiting sweet sweet murder on him is prevalent the entire game. The desire to hunt down the antagonist, the nod to the past vault hunters w/ their inclusion in the game, and the truly unique abilities and skill trees makes this game one of my top 10 all-time favorite games. It's right up there w/ Diablo 2.