The original borderlands was a nice start to a hopeful a new successful series. It did have flaws, and you can only go up. Borderlands 2 didn't just go up, it skyrocketed. Every single detail that you had a problem with in the original borderlands is improved greatly in this amazing sequel.

The graphics are really good. If you had problems with the first ones, you won't have a problem here. It all looks so very good. If they keep improving this comic book style like graphics, I'm excited to see what 3 looks like. The score and music is great. One of the best thing about the game is its dialogue. It is hilarious. I was disappointed how the original wasn't that funny, but 2 surely made it funny. Even when it's not funny, there's great voice acting. Highlighted mostly by dameon Clarke as the great handsome jack.

 The story is actually really good. The last one it was mostly kill stuff so you can loot stuff. In 2, there's actually a really good story. Gameplay is a absolute blast. I had trouble last time with 1 by playing by myself, because it was quite hard. One seem to be a co-op only for the story. Now you can actually play by yourself. But why would you? This game was meant for co-op. This is one of the greatest co-op game of all time.

 Overall, borderlands 2 is amazing game. Gearbox hit a home run here with borderlands 2. I'd just had so much fun playing this game. This game series has a great future ahead, and I'm excited to see what's to come. That's why I would give borderlands 2 a 



9.75 out of 10