God of War is known for its epic battles, from punching in Zeus face to huge scale titan battles. Each entry was better then the last, which is what we all would expect in a sequel. However after playing through Ascension i was left disappointed, This is a typical God of War game and has everything you would love from the series but that is just it, it was much the same.

Each God of War game has opened up with a bang, right when you start its an epic battle with jaw dropping action. Ascension took a different approach, yes you fight a big boss but that does not happen until a little ways in the opening part. It starts off more of a chase, and i think that is where i got let down, i was almost bored because i was expecting to be in awe within the first 5 mins, i wasnt. I honestly believe that first opening moment was a huge aspect of the game and unfortunately it fell flat.

The game looks beautiful as you would come to expect from this series, the environments look stunning and sometimes found myself stopping to just admire the scale of some areas. The enemies are detailed as well from your typical Medusa enemies to your little goat grunts, there is no enemy that looks rushed or thrown in. Kratos looks much like how he did in part 3, he gets bloody in combat and shows detailed facial expression while jabbing his blades into an enemies head. The game is bloody (duh!) kratos will finish off enemies by either ripping there bodies in half or repeatedly stabbing a dude heads to expose their brain, its brutal and bloody.

If you've played all the other God of War games then you will know what to expect out of this game, its fun smooth combat and bloody visuals are nice and all but this game really is much the same as previous titles.

+Looks beautiful
+fluid & brutal combat

-same ole God of War
-The Story isnt the best 
-Hit or Miss Introduction