This year, Santa Monica Studios released their seventh addition to the God of War series. God of War Ascension takes place ten years before God of War Chains of Olympus, and six months after murdering his family. Unlike its predecessors, where the objective was getting revenge, Kratos' main purpose is to break a bond with Ares, the god of war. However, the furies, the antagonists, are attempting stop him from doing so. 

After playing God of War Ascension, I found some things that I liked ad some things that I didn't. Truth be told, I was also disappointed after playing the game. I felt that it didn't live live up to its potentials as its predecessors did. It was fun but I still think God of War 3 was the best.


For this installment, Santa Monica, challenged themselves by attempting to create a less angry, and a more human like Kratos. Even though sort of contradicted with all of the killing, decapitating, and stabbing, this gives us an opportunity to show Kratos his sensitive side when he's with his child and wife. Unfortunately, we were only able to see for a short amount of time. Due to his lack of rage, his character during the cutscenes seem a bit bland. 



When I try to think about any game, I try to think what the story is about in the most simplest way. For example god of war 1, he wants revenge. God of War 2, he wants revenge. God of War 3, he wants revenge. On God of War Ascension, break bond. From the beginning to the end of the story, it was just one confusing journey. One of the main reasons for that was after kill one of the furies, we go back 3 weeks prior to when he was chained up in the beginning of the game (Speaking of the beginning, again it didn't live up to it's potential as it's predecessors. There were some epic moments, but certainly something that we have already seen before). While you're playing in the level that takes place 3 weeks ago, you spend so much time there, that you would forget what you did "3 weeks later". You would go through most of the story through kratos flash back and spend little time on the present time. I think if the game's storyline went through chronologically, it may have been a little more simpler to understand. 



I have always enjoyed their gameplay. In Ascension, They finally perfected the combat by using the rage meter. The rage meter not only ties in with the combat but it also ties in with HIS rage. I think what Santa Monica was trying to do was emphasize his rage more for the god of war games. After Ascension, kratos no longer needs the rage meter because it will forever be full. Well that's what I came up with, and it kind of makes sense. Also, they certainly focused more on the chain blades, and barely paid attention to the secondary attacks. With the chain blades, you can use up to four powers from the gods of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, and Ares. You can have some fun with using the powers against your enemies. The secondary weapons, however, are boring, bland, and barely motivated me to use them. At least not for the multiplayer. The enemies in Ascension are a lot tougher than it's predecessors. Most of them block, takes too long to kill, and they barely react to the impact. The one level that many gamers have been complaining about was the trials of Archimedes. Even gamers that are a fan of the series say that it was frustrating and unfair. I know god of war games are meant to be tough, there are times when it actually does feels unfair, because occasionally there’s literally nothing you can do to avoid death. 



I was a little worried about the multiplayer not doing so well. Santa Monica knew the second they decided to add multiplayer to this installment, it was going to be a challenge for them. I never imagined that a hack n slash game like god of war could ever do multiplayer. Well once again, Santa Monica has surprised me yet again. The multiplayer is breath of fresh air. In the beginning you choose an alliance, Zeus,  Poseidon, Hades, and Ares. Each god has a special ability. After you choose, you find armor, and weapons that will suit your need before battle. From gods to weapons to armor, you will be able to create the perfect warrior. GO POSEIDON!! There are many ways to play in the multiplayer from capture the flag, to trials of the gods, to free for all. Though they may not be original, the trial of the gods is a lot of fun, especially with a friend. The multiplayer will surely increase the longevity of playing this game.




What can I say about the graphics except WOW!! Santa Monica has yet again successfully made the most detailed, crisp, and realistic looking graphics in a game I have ever seen. From the environments, to the creatures, to the characters, including Kratos, they are all so visually detailed, that sometimes you would forget what you were doing to admire the beautiful and immaculate graphics. All that it need it now was a good jaw dropping moment. Sadly, you rarely any of that in Ascension. As insanely creative and beautifully detailed as the bosses are, unfortunately they don't give us that "wow" factor we were expecting. Than again, God of War 3 really did set the bar high, like, higher than mount olympus. There's no possible way that Ascension could even come close to that bar. However there was one moment in the game that got me excited and that I will remember. And that's the ending of the game when Kratos is fighting the giant kraken. And it's a sure good thing that the ending didn't suck. 


Here are the pros and cons of the game


Amazing Visuals

Fun Multiplayer 

Well Adjusted Combat

Great Finale



Confusing Storyline

Bland Kratos

Trials of Archimedes

Not enough "wow" factor 


I never thought that I would be giving a God of War game such an average rating, especially since I'm a huge fan of the series. But after beating the game, I finally understood what the critics were saying. One of these day, the series was going to have that game that couldn't make it to the top like the others, and I think ascension is that one game.