Horror games have become pretty stale over the years and very few of them are able to scare the pants off you, but Visceral's classic manages to overwhelm you with fear. Dead Space brought survival-horror back to life with its creepy atmosphere and disturbing monsters. When you first see a Necromorph is a frightening experience, it's likely that many gamers haven't seen something so grotesque.

The game looks brilliant there is no doubt that Visceral put a lot of effort into this, but there are quite severe framerate issues which are really annoying.

The soundtrack and the sound FX make the whole experience more frightening and tense. Where headphones for the ultimate horror experience, also, turn the lights off.

The gameplay is well thought out and the idea of having to dismember your enemies to stop them is good fun. It's a shame that there is a lot of backtracking and some of the missions are slightly dull.

The original Dead Space was by far the scariest in the franchise and in some respects the best one, but the game suffers from a few bugs and too many A-B missions which stop the game being truly great. Nevertheless if you are a fan of survival-horror gives this a go, you will be surprised at how much of a breakthrough in horror this game is.