Issac Clarke is back and this time he seems relatively safe. However, a message from Ellie saying that she is leaving him are the first words you hear after seeing the "Marker Killer" reminds you that nothing about Issac's life is sunshine and daisies. Next thing Issac knows two armed men burst in and detain him while saying that Ellie is missing and she was tracking down something related to the markers. This drags an unwilling Issac back into the fray of death and Necromorphs.

Dead Space has always held a very fluent and unique game play mechanic with its lack of heads up display and Dead Space 3 does not disappoint. The mechanics are extremely similar with very little changes to the graphical appearance of your HUD. One of the big differences in game play is the ammo. The first two Dead Space games showcased different ammunition for each weapon, which in turn made it hard to come by the ammo you needed which added to the horror when you picked up some javelin ammo when you are not carrying the javelin or you are not using it compared to the other weapons that you are using thus making your ammo more scarce and terrifying knowing that you are about to run out. You usually received ammo for the guns you used most but it was still possible to get ammo for the guns you do not use. Dead Space 3 brings about universal ammo and knocks the amount of weapons you can hold from four down to two. What makes up for the lack of those two weapons is the expansive customization that you can perform at the work bench.

The crafting is one of the most impressive I have seen in a long time. You can build your weapons from the ground up. The stock, the engine, top and bottom weapon tips, attachments, and also circuits. The top and bottom weapon tips is probably where most people will spend their time tinkering. I for one started playing through the game with the Evangelizer which featured a semi-automatic carbine top and shotgun bottom. After a lot of customization I ended up with a chain gun with a bottom that fires out ripper blades and every shot does acid damage and I was mowing down every Necromorph in my path. With the amount of customization and freedom to do so lets one not want for more than two weapons.

An additional interesting note, the crafting table gives you the ability to craft items. Dead Space 3 does away with credits to buy ammo and healing items and in its place you collect resources such as scrap metal, somatic gel, and tungsten. You can use these to craft more ammo and healing items and a new item called the tungsten torque bar, which allows you to open locked doors instead of having to use circuits. The circuits in turn have also received a revamp making them preset buffs to add to your weapons that are not permanent additions to your gun, so you can mix and match the circuits that you have collected and remove them at will. The craft bench also allows you to build weapon parts that you have collected in order to make doubles of parts. Interestingly enough you can do the same for circuits. Say you collected a +2 damage circuit and only have one of them but you want your weapon to be extremely powerful, and if you have the resources, then go ahead and craft more +2 damages until you have the amount you need. In addition to crafting parts and circuits you are also allowed to "sell" unwanted parts or circuits which rewards you with half the resources needed to craft them which is nice to craft more parts or circuits that you actually want. One last thing about crafting is that you can also collect blueprints to build weapons if you have the required parts or resources to build them, or if you do not want to hassle with the manual customization. On the other hand you can make blueprints of your current weapon so you can go ahead and dismantle your weapon and try crafting a new one, but if that fails you can reconstruct your old weapon from the blueprint.