(Unfortunately, despite the fact that it is the First themed console game since 2010.....weeks of fan and press requests for an explanation about what went wrong with this game, representatives from Sega and Gearbox both declined to comment for this story.)

In case you’ve become enamored with how Aliens: Colonial Marines looks from the various preview footage, trailers and commercials that have been shown over the last few years, it is best simply to forget all about those. The truth with Aliens: Colonial Marines is that the game is not only rather terrible looking, it is also full of so many graphical problems it is impossible not to notice one every couple of minutes.

Aliens Marines

Sound effects

As far as sound effects go, Aliens: Colonial Marines is rather hit and miss. The Xenomorphs tend to sound vicious and mimic the sound of the Xenomorphs we’ve grown to love from the movies, however the overall environmental sound effects fall flat. It is also worth noting that the guns in the title sound like they have absolutely zero impact. In fact, one weapon’s audio skips when using continuous fire, trying to mimic a burst gun while being used at full-auto.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is a very standard first person shooter in many regards. Players have partially regenerating health bars and can find various health kits and armor along the way to extend their life. Players are also given a number of weapons to sue to take down the Xenomorphs that they come across, with most of these weapons being your standard shotgun or assault rifle variety there are a few signature weapons from the movie that can appear as usable collectables. These weapons can be customized slightly via attachments that will be discussed more later on.


Inconsistencies aside, this a serviceable shooter: entertaining but never more than perfunctory. The best of it takes that cinematic source material and works it into gameplay to create satisfying ‘I’m in the movie!’ moments (say it in a Ralph Wiggum voice for best effect). A perfect example has you trapped in a claustrophobic, shadowy room with a bunch of hit-and-run aliens dashing about. It leaves you spinning around with the Motion Tracker, nervously chasing signals as tails dart out of view.

aliens colonial marines AQ


it’s acceptable at best. There’s some evocative lighting, but poor textures and oddly low-rent touches – aliens explode in chunkily modelled lumps, and bodies vanish almost instantly. Glitches and clipping issues are everywhere – the worst involving a boss fight with a Power Loader that kept getting punched through a wall and having to respawn.


"Colonial Marines is a mess technically.........................................................."

Aliens: Colonial Marines could have been something great, and from what we’ve been shown, should have been something great. However what consumers have been given is something that seems rushed and unpolished and something that should barely be considered an alpha build rather than a final retail release.

With a campaign that can be completed in one-sitting, terrible enemy AI, visuals and performance so underwhelming it is almost laughable and only a multiplayer option as a saving grace, Aliens: Colonial Marines may try to play on nostalgia or fans of the Aliens franchise, but ultimately fails in almost every possible way.there are many lights and shadows

If you are fans of Alien, no matter what I say, you’ll enjoy the game but if your not you might want to skip this and go for metal gear rising which is already topping the UK game charts, bugging down Aliens:CM

Aliens: Colonial Marines turned out so awful. Bureaucratic meddling and a troubled development cycle have turned this game from Alien fan's dream to unmitigated disaster.

aliens: colonial marines - From Dream To Disaster: The Story Of Aliens: Colonial Marines