Someone needs to do a bug-hunt for whatever crawls up some of these reviewers butts.  I can't, for the life of me, understand how this game warrants a 4.  Now, perhaps the reviewer, and some of the fan community, have gone with...elevated expectations.  It's understandable, hey, I love the Alien franchise.  The first film is, to this day, my favorite movie.  And any honest, real fan of 'Aliens' would enjoy this game.  Despite it's short comings it was a blast wandering around Hadleys Hope, seeing various 'Easter Eggs' from the films and what not.  Garbled textures and static facial animations are enough to wreck this game for you?  The story was pretty good.  The voice acting was pretty good.  The gameplay itself, a bit tedious at times, was, overall, pretty good.  The biggest complaint I hear is about textures and facial animations.  Folks, it was developed by Gearbox.  Have you played the Borderlands games?  Textures in that game aren't particularly pristine and the facial animations?....Hell, what facial animations?  All the characters look like action figures.  Now, admittedly, the developers should have put more effort in that area given the cinematics they relied on to push the plot forward, but 'distracting'?  Hardly.  Is it the best game ever?  No.  Should they have spent some more time with it?  Yes.  But it's hardly below average.  Come on guys, get those bugs out of your butts and's a game.  It's supposed to be a fun experience...not an artistic revolution.