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Crysis 3 Review: Crytek Finally Got It Right (SPOILER-FREE)

This week, I picked up Crysis 3, and I have to say my expectations weren't very high. The original Crysis was mildly awesome, with impressive graphics and an intriguing plot line. Crysis 2 was a bit of a disappointment, my main issue being with the level structure. Crysis is meant to be a sandbox shooter, and 2, being set in Manhattan, felt incredibly claustrophobic at times. As a result, I was skeptical upon hearing that Crysis 3 would make a return to New York. With the series's rocky history, I was certain that the third installment would be a massive let-down. Boy, was I wrong. Crysis 3 is a fantastic shooter, probably the first must-buy of the year. The campaign is a slick, polished, and mind-blowing escapade into the heart of the "Liberty Dome" (The enormous glass dome encasing Manhattan). Prophet makes a return as the protagonist, which might be tough to grasp for some fans. Psycho (from 1) and Rasch (from 2) return as supporting characters, each in bigger roles than in the past. The plot is solid, and is much more cohesive compared to 2's plot. Many people took issue with 3's campaign being drastically shorter than 2's, but that yields a major improvement: no filler missions. For me, every moment of 3's campaign was an absolute blast, and I'd play it over again in a heart-beat. Like with the campaign, I had reservations about the multi-player. Despite this, I was impressed by all of the additions and improvements over 2's multiplayer. For example, 3's new Hunter Mode, which features cloaked nano-suit wearers with bows against just plain marines is a thrilling, pulse-pounding experience every time. Loadout weapons can be leveled up, each level bringing a new attachment. Also, the online is more fairly balanced than in 2, making for a more enjoyable experience overall. Taking into account all of Crysis 3's achievements and (few) flaws, I'd say that Crytek's third entry in the unique shooter series is the best. Remember me...


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