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Why all the negative reviews?

Im not too sure whats going on with all the review sites. Lots of negative reviews, 3's, 4's. Whats going on? Hell I think Aliens vs Predators (the newest one) got better reviews than this, and honestly I found that game worse than this. Me and a few of my friends pre ordered this game on PC and played through the whole thing on co-op and loved it. It was a great action filled game that brought back memories of the movie Aliens. All of the references to the movie were amazing and it kept me entertained for hours. Honestly I didnt see all the glitches or bad AI that the reviewers were talking about. I did notice a few bad graphic textures on a few objects but I think thats to be expected on release day. I also felt the game was challenging enough, especially on 4 player co-op. It seemed to get harder with more people, which made me happy. The customisable weapons and multiplayer characters were a very nice addition. The multiplayer was very enjoyable as well, after hopping on with my friends and playing the different game modes I was hooked. All in all I enjoyed this game alot, and I think it was a great improvement over the previous game, and I wish the professional game reviewers would have given it more of a chance. 

  • I agree, I just finished, and though the graphics werent perfect, the story and tenseness of certain parts of the game more than made u for it. LOVED it! Im sick of the negative reviews, I LOVED Mass Effect, until the last ten minutes. No such issues here.

  • are you high it sucked. i am a big fan of the aliens franchise and i would rather have a chestburster kill me then play this game