When I first downloaded the first episode of the Walking Dead from Xbox Live, I was pretty hyped. I had read the gameinformer article on the game, and had fallen in love with the television series. So when I walked into the shoes of a convicted criminal in the middle of the zombie apocalypse, I got off to a running start and didn't look back. The first thing I noticed about the game was obviously the cartoon-like graphics, and realized it was simulating the feel of a comic book, which I thought was really great. I personally didn't read the comics, but Telltale games giving credit to the comics that the whole walking Dead franchise is based off of was really respectable.

Then there was the whole dynamic of the dialogue. It wan't just the decision making process that I enjoyed, but how realistic it was. Being pressed for time to think of a decision made it instinctual to answer with what you felt was the best answer, and not answer with what you wanted to answer to further the story in a certain direction. Also, the reactions of other characters were accurate and not over the top. So after completing the first chapter, and getting to know Clementine, I realized that I became another statistic. after reading the GI article, I was bent on hating the all beloved little girl character. But her place within the story is so necessary, so natural, that it's almost hard to even dislike her a little.

The final point I'd like to make is how the game incorporated action in the most crucial parts of the series. I was never bored in the least while playing the game, and was able to run through it three times without feeling like I already knew what was going to happen. 

Overall, the Walking Dead won game of the year for a reason. As a creative writer, and hopefully future storyboard writer for games, I appreciated the intense, complex story behind the game. It was a great play for a great price, and I don't regret getting it.