" the best JRPG I’ve played in years, and a must-play for an RPG fan"

Loving the game so far, if you're reading this and haven't bought it, go out and find a copy now! Not only will more units sold really help out the developers, but the better games like Ni No Kuni do the more likely other developers will take notice.

Not only does that increase chances other good JRPG's will be localized, but it also increases the chance that other developers will end up creating games that feel more like Ni No Kuni. I might be hoping for too much with that, but man that would be sweet. I mean, we NEED more JRPG's that feel like they could've come right out in the middle of SNES run, badly. XD

It may be too early to say this as I'm only about 14 hours in, but Ni no Kuni is one of the best RPG that I have played, and may rank as #1. My only complaint so far is the hand holding. If I know I need to "Give Heart" I shouldn't have to talk to the person and have Drippy tell me what I already know. That is obnoxious, and I'm hoping it doesn't continue further into the game.