Mass Effect 2  

"Science Fiction At Its Greatest"  


PS3, Xbox 360, PC


Bioware and EA

ESRB Rating:



Third Person Science Fiction R.P.G.


It took me almost three years to decide if I was going to buy this game. Three. Im not really a fan of sci-fi stuff like Star Trek or Star Wars, but this game seemed... acceptable. So I took the opportunity to purchase this game for seven dollars, and I immediately played it when it got to me. Upon the first hour, I was a bit skeptical, I was like: Yes, the graphics are good, the controls are tight, the combats neat,  but the science fiction element was just bugging me, but hey, I decided to give it chance. And you know what... Im god damn glad I took that chance.



So take science fiction elements from movies like star trek and incorporate it into a game. But this game is nothing like Star Trek or Star Wars, sure, some of the main characters are aliens, but there is no crazy, weird stuff like light sabers, or time travel. Mass Effect is a game that feels science fiction, while not being too far fetched or over the top like Star Trek or Star Wars. There are no robots disguised as humans, there are no green alien furry guys name Yoda, there is no guy hidden behind a glossy plastic suit name Darth Vader, there is none of that stuff, just a few laser guns and alien people, which is as far as I can tolerate in a Science Fiction experience. But what Mass Effect does so great with these elements, is it makes them feel less nerdy and more epic. I can't see my self watching Star Wars and Star Trek and be like "Holy CRAP! This is the BEST THING EVER!!!!." No, but I did when playing Mass Effect.  


Anyone who played the first Mass Effect (I have not) knows what to expect in this sequel, as far as the science fiction elements go. Even though I do not like the science fiction genre, I love what Mass Effect 2 has done with it. I have begun to not only tolerate it, I have begun to embrace it, I have become enamored with it, but it would be all for nothing if the story and characters sucked.  


Score- 9  



Judging from some videos I have seen with Mass Effect 1, I made it final that Mass Effect 2 clearly has the superior controls. The action doesn't look or feel stiff like it did in the first game, its much more cinematic. Controls react well, and gun fights are the opposite of frustrating thanks to this. You can map specific powers or types of ammo to instantaneously use in combat, all without interrupting your combat performance, however melee is absent, I have seen it in play in Mass Effect 3, and it looks to work very well. But this is not a problem, because the combat and controls feel great, much better then what Iv'e seen in the first Mass Effect. Commanding your squad feels just as good. Its simple, and isn't confusing, it works perfectly.  


The controls do need some work though, and it looks like Mass Effect 3 has improved them, but I will find out when I eventually get my hands on it. Overall, the controls work and feel great, it looks to be far better then the first Mass Effect. I don't think you will have any problem controlling this game.  


Score- 9  



Mass Effect is one of the more wealthy games on the market, as far as content goes. The main story is about 12-15 hours depending whether or not you focus on it and the difficulty you selected. For my first go around, I chose to play on Veteran difficulty. By the time I seen the credits roll my save has logged 18 and a half hours. But I completed a few side missions along the way, but the game is pretty lengthy. It took me three days to complete what I have done, and I still have more stuff to do. The game gives you a whole galaxy to explore, filled with many explorable solar systems and star clusters, it will take you hours to find everything. Within each explorable solar system, you will find a number of planets to discover. Most of them you can only mine for minerals and things of that to contribute to tecchnological and weapon upgrades. You will occasionally stumble on a planet with an anomaly, in which if you can locate its location, you can board the planet and complete a short side mission. This adds a feeling of discovery to the game, and may encourage you to embark upon exploration.  


Every character you meet, usually has a personal mission for you to carry out, and all of them are interesting and are worth the time. There are also cities on certain planets that you can explore. These cities are all unique in their own way and offer amazing views. My only complaint with this, is that these cities are to small, so small in-fact, that they feel like markets. And also, when you are in these cities, open world is strictly limited. I would have like to drive in a flying car and explore every inch of these massive cities, but unfortunately, you can only explore a small market sized section of these cities. And there is many GTA like side activities to do also. I would have like to have scene Shepard play a competitive game of darts with Miranda, or Jacob, then throw high fives to each other after a game of bowling is done. These type of things could have added to the density of relationships you could have with characters, it would have felt more realistic. I do think Bioware could have done this, it would have made exploring cities much funner and even strengthen the experience, it would have been like, Grand Theft Auto in space.   


But within in these cities, you can complete errands for some people, and buy things. I enjoy this part. You can not only buy weapon and armor upgrades, but personalization items such as magazines, and model toy ships. You can also but pets, like fish and space hamsters. Its quite fun to buy these type of things, then come back to your room on the Normandy and see these things displayed. I also heard, if you import your save, all the things you buy returns, so thats even cool. But the best thing about Mass Effect, is how many times you can play through it. I will definitely be playing it through once again before playing Mass Effect 3. All your choices and decisions have effects on how the rest of the game will play out, and how Mass Effect 3 will play out. I wasn't much lucky with my decisions, I managed to kill almost my entire crew at the end of the game. I will play through again, but this time make sure the same thing doesn't happen. And when I do eventually play through Mass Effect 3, Im going to play through it twice, once with my second play through (Im going to try and save as many people as I can) and maybe a second time with my first play through save.  


Mass Effect 2 isn't an Elder Scrolls game in size, but it will keep you busy for hours and days, my first play through took almost 19 hours and I didn't even get a chance to do all the side missions, or even develop a complete relationship with Miranda as I originally intended to. If your a completionist, this game will keep you playing for a pretty long time.  


Score- 9.35  



The story is magnificent, and one of the most involving in gaming history. It requires you be a part of it, and every choice you make changes not only the rest of the game, but also it affects how Mass Effect 3 will play out. Every character also feels real, and attaches them self to you upon knowing them, Many of the characters in my play through died, and when each one did I felt bad, and even emotional for a few of my favorites. Mass Effect gives you control to set the destination of where you want the story to go, this is a power I am glad, and not glad to have. Knowing that your decisions change the game is enough to undergo phases of emotions, including sympathy, regret, paranoia, and sadness. I felt everyone of these emotions as I completed the game. Every step you take, you gotta be sure if thats the step you wanna take, and you got to think about what could happen later on. No other game where you have no control where you will go can match the power and emotions of what Mass Effect has provided us. Its your own movie.  


All your actions and missions lead up to the final moments of the game. These final moments are so strong and so emotional, hardly any other experience can emulate it. The only time I have ever felt these types of emotions was in a really amazing movie, or a game like Uncharted. Mass Effect is one of the few games that make you care, and will either rip and strengthen your heart at the end. The ending is one of the most climactic and emotional I have ever experienced in any other form of media, and is indeed the high-light of the game. I have high hopes for Mass Effect 3, and it has a lot to over take. I just hope it does...  


Score- 10  


High Lights:  

Simple enough, the whole game itself is a high light, everything from the gameplay, to the story. Every fight, from beginning to end is intense and thrilling. All characters are memorial, some more then others. And Commander Shepherd is one of the best lead characters for a game. I am sure you will remember this game for a very, very long time as I will to. But the true high light is the final mission. The final 30 minutes of the game demonstrates the greatest finale I have ever seen in gaming, full of emotion, amazing action and a score that is beautifully created. The ending was so good, without it, my rating for the game would have been lower, thats how good it is. It sets a bench mark for other game finales, and stands as the best ever created.  


Score- 9.75  



Its a science fiction game!!! There is nothing real about this game, except for the emotions you will go through and the graphics look stunning. The AI sometimes can be stupid and careless, but most of the time, it posses an acceptable challenge. As unrealistic as this game may seem, it feels like your apart of it. What else is there to say?  


Score- 9  


Overall Experience:  

It took me three years, but in the end, I wish I would have bought this game a long time ago, it is simply one of the best games I have ever played. The characters, the gameplay, the story, the amazing climactic ending, It will stay unforgettable for many years to come. Here, you have a game thats more then worth the price of admission, filled with deep choice making, intense combat, R.P.G. elements, and tens of hours worth of content. There are games that take you on great adventures, but this game takes you on an amazing odyssey across a whole galaxy. I will definitely be playing Mass Effect 3 soon, but for now, Im going to play through this game once more. Even if you aren't a sci-fi fan like me, get this game! Its a master piece of science fiction, an unforgettable experience that forces you to make your own decisions, its your own destination that you can either guide to success, or screw up and have to deal with your consequences.  


Overall Rating:





The Good Stuff:      

Deep Involving and Amazing Story ++  

Intense Thrilling Combat +  

One Of The Best Endings A Game Can Have ++  

Good Controls +  

Wealthy In Content ++  

Great Characters, Especially Shepard ++  

Good Graphics +  

Deep R.P.G. Elements +  

Best Science Fiction Experience To Date +++                                                                                                                             


The Bad Stuff:  

Could Use More Open World When Exploring Cities (I Feel Open World Can Fit Perfectly In The Mass Effect Universe) --  

The AI Could Be A Little Better, But Its Not Bad -