Good: The good things about this game is that on December of last year, camera issues were fix. Helped a lot of gamers so they can know if their getting attacked by a zombie or a j'avo. Other thing is the voice actors they did an awesome job adding fear and worries in this game not knowing which of them are going to breathe their last breath. The graphics are good much improvement from the other resident evil games.

Then there's the gameplay improvement yes having limitations kinda in the way. Story wise was fine, three campaign's plus one more Ada's were all different and brought some of the characters together in different ways to help eachother out to survive, and the whole ada situation got me confused but I thought that was an good idea to confuse gamers into thinking Ada Wong was the bad guy when really Carla was behind it all, wearing a mask and trying to become Ada Wong which epically failed.

And another mode got added no hope left, played it with a friend man we were stuck at chris chapter 2 for two days o.o on the second day I pretty much had it and try to kill any gun wielding j'avo while my partner dealt with that ogre monster worst campaign to play in no hope left mode the WORST.

Bad: Ok, what I found the worst first of all that gamestop preorder bonus the catacombs, it's dark I can hardly see and I don't play it at all. As well for the recent dlc's capcom is releasing why does it have to be only buy buy buy crap. Like come on some gamers said recent resident evil games had it all in one disc, Resident Evil 6 isn't special and what's worst the gamers who can't afford plus not wasting their money on one silly little multiplayer mode. Capcom are gonna lose if they can't put at least one or two dlc for free now the ps3 have the multiplayer dlc but Xbox 360 got the special treatment they should've given ps3 gamers the dlc's for free for making us wait plus having to pay it's worst.

Back to the game, the melee attacks (if your not jake) kinda run out fast and yes standing still makes it go fast but not fast enough before a zombie or j'avo attacks you from behind - . - the thing that annoys me the most is when I get a headshot when a zombie is rushing at me I still get bitten and I either have to call my partner for help or do the actions myself that pisses me off when your playing professional and no hope mode making us waste tablets and health spray everytime.

And the other issue my game wasn't glitchy but lagging like a turtle, weather my ps3 friends are in america or in a different country it lag they either were right next to me then pop their all the way on the other side lol. It's a big issue when your trying to do these melee commands and it doesn't hit the zombie or j'avo after a few seconds then they stumble or drop to the ground that's just weird.

And the most annoying and useless is agent hunk in Ada's campaign he's not useless in shooting and all but not able to open door or so all because it accuires ada to perform it make it feel like your playing the campaign ada only agent hunk is invisible in this campagin, gives gamers the thought "what's the point of this?"


Overall I really had fun with Resident Evil 6 and hope that capcom listen to their gamers and fix some of the issues, its a working progress but not enough Resident Evil 6 get's an 8.75 for my opinion because it was fun and it was scary when your leon chapter 3 because those catacombs are dark and being ada with partner or not no one can help you when your in trouble flying solo, and dealing with that Ustanak ugh that big guy always gets me nervous. But issues with dlc's being slow when playing campaign's or multiplayer and ada's partner the hunk can't do no action only ada does it all pretty much failed and brought the game down. In the future maybe the series will do better and bring back some old faces into the mix all we fans can do is wait with patience.

That's a face only a mother can love