Dmc/ Devil may cry 5 review   game for Ps3 and Xbox 360



               Warning this review contains spoilers however I highly suggest reading this if you are considering buying the new DmC game and are looking for less biased review of the game.


DmC or devil may cry 5 as some people call is the 5th installment of the Devil may cry series. DmC was developed by Ninja theory which is an independent video game developer based in Cambridge England. Ninja theory has developed three other games Kung Fu Chaos, Heavenly Sword, and Enslaved. DmC was published by Capcom the japannesee development company that has created the multimillion dollar selling franchises such as Megaman, Resident Evil, and Street Fighter. Capcom also developed the hack and slash action series Devil May Cry. Devil May Cry was originally supposed to be a spin off of Resident Evil however the series turned into its own series entirely.

        DmC has received a lot of fan hate from the fans who enjoyed the original series. However there are fans of the new DmC some people like it and some people hate it. Ninja theory has received a lot of hate for the DmC remake especially the Game Director and Co writer of enslaved and heavenly sword Tameem Antoniades. Most of the hate is focused on the fact that Dante the main protagonist is not the same Dante that we know and love. His appearance in the 1st trailer is well eh I personally don't like it at all ( insert 1st DmC trailer here) The worst part was the smoking I'm so glad they decided to get rid of that I can't imagine any version of Dante smoking. "Seriously Ciggarettes are really bad for you kids don't smoke unless you want to be breathing out of an Iron lung!" Tameem even looks like the 1st trailer Dante.

However the redesigned Dante that you actually play as looks a lot better and his voice actor is pretty good too.



Not the best looking Dante but he is a lot better looking than the one they had in the 1st trailer. This Dante has a slightly more Western feel which is what Ninja theory was going for although the original Dante was Westernized as feel this Dante is more realistic which I'm not saying is a good thing or bad thing.


        I'm Starting out with reboot Dante( voice actor Tim Phillipps) first of course who is referred to by many of the games haters as Donte or Dino which I have to admit makes me laugh. This Dante has a very vulgar mouth he is especially fond of the word *** you which makes me laugh from time to time but I mst admit he does curse a lot. This Dante is also referred to by Bob Barbas as a sexual deviant. Dante has sex with two girls at the beginning of the game. Some of the fans on the game faq's and other form message boards have been complaining about this Dante having sex some have said they never even imagined the original Dante having sex because it was not touched upon.

Seriously look at this man and tell me you can't imagine him having sex with women.


I understand Dantes sex life was not touched upon in the original Devil may Cry but its not hard to imagine Dante having sex with women since he is a handsome guy. Hell the original Dante is even better looking than the new Dante so he definitely could get women especially with his calm chill sarcastic attitude.  The new Dante makes me think of a less mature douchier Dmc 3 Dante which makes sense to me because he is younger. The biggest change in Dante's character was making him an Nephilim which is a combination of Angel and Devil. This is a huge change because the series was named Devil may cry because Dante was able to cry for his brother Vergil who decided to stay in hell. Lady then realized that Dante was a kind Devil and had some human traits ( the original Dante was half human). Lady realized that not all humans are good and not all Devil's are evil. The young Dante puts on the full Dmc 1 outfit and then names his shop devil may cry. The new Dante does become less of an *** throughout the game so I give him an okay rating overall not as funny as DmC 3 Dante and definitely more vulgar but this new Dante gets the job done.

Kat: Kat is the most important female character in the series( voice actor Sage Mears.) She works for Vergil who is the leader of the organization the order which is against the demons that control society through hidden messages from Limbo which can't be seen by ordinary humans. Kat is a wiccan she can cast spells in order to create barriers she can create an astral projection of herself from the real world into limbo she does this to guide Dante through some of the levels. You don't want to know some of the ingredients she uses to create these spells but they are very powerful she can also use the spells to create portals into limbo and out of Limbo. Dante eventually starts to care about Kat in a somewhat romantic way it could be possible that Dante has some romantic feelings for her which I can't blame him for she does look good in those short shorts.


Oh and Sage mears is cute as well if you like Kat so much that you would like to see Kat as a real person here you go


Vergil: Vergil ( voice actor David De Lautour)Vergil is the twin brother of Dante so he is also a nephilim and he is the leader of the order. This incarnation of Vergil is weaker than Dante however he is a lot stronger he was the main person who did the research in order to defeat Mundus. Vergil is also the last boss in the game he fells that now that humanity is free from limbo it is his and Dante's time to rule. The best thing about the fight is its pretty emotion you could feel that neither Dante nor Vergil want to fight each other. The fight ends with Vergil losing to Dante and then he teleports away to a place which I assume is hell due to the Vergils downfall dlc which has not come out yet.


Story- The main villain Mundus controls the real world through debt, his limbo hidden messages, demon's, the news media aka fox news, and the virility soda which is spiked by the succubus. The defeat Mundus Dante needs to lure him out of his office so Vergil can shut down the hell gate which makes Mundus immortal. Dante shuts down the media by killing Bob Barbas who is in my opinion at least the 2nd best boss in the game. Dante also kills the succubus which means Mundus can't spike the soda anymore. Eventually Mundus is lured out because Vergil kills his unborn heir and Dante taunts him for it.  Towards the end of the game Vergil states he wants him and Dante to rule and protect the humans. Vergil loses in a fight to Dante and teleports away. The game has that whole modern the demons are controlling the humans through media and hidden messages kind of thing. Dante wants to kill Mundus because he killed his mother and imprisoned his father. This Dante still cares a lot about his mother like the past Dante. This incarnation of Vergil probably cares about his parents as well because he admits to loving his brother Dante.



 All Devil may cry fans know that Dmc might not have  the best story however it is loved by the fans due to it's gameplay. The new Dante still has rebellion and ebony ivory however he also gains arbiter Osiris and a few other weapons. My favorite is the ability to pull yourself towards enemies and the ability to pull them towards you with the angel lift and demon pull. The game is easier than previous Dmc wich is noticeable to me even though I've only played a bit of Dmc 4 and Dmc 3. However there are higher difficulties to play the game on like son of sparda mode, heaven or hell mode, and heaven and hell mode. Many of the games haters say the stylish meter is too easy to get to the S levels and you could get an SSS ranking by spamming the same combo's. However this is not true the game does require you to switch up your combo's and weapons. I would like to see you get an SSS ranking on son of sparda mode or higher spamming the same combo over and over. The game even forces you to switch your weapons to angel or demon in order to hurt certain enemies especially from son of sparda mode and higher. I will admit switching your weapon to angel or demon just to damage a specific enemy is annoying the previous Devil may cry did not force you to do that you would just use the weapon that fits the situation. The stylish meter is easier to get up than the previous devil may cry games however you can always play on a higher difficulty after you beat the game once. Nephilim difficulty is too easy for me as well. I have not brought this game yet though I am waiting for a price reduction however I have seen multiple walkthrough's researched the game and  played the demo. I know more than enough about the game to make a judgement on the gameplay. The gameplay overall is pretty good actually it isn't the broken mess some people describe it as.

Skins: DmC offers a lot of skins such as the regular black haired Dante, white hair Dante, classic DMC 3 Dante, Dark Dante( which is Dante with white hair and a black jacket, and a neo Dante outfit. The classic Dante Dark Dante, and Neo Dante dlc is bundled together for 4 dollars  which is a good deal especially  since this is a Capcom published game and we know how much they enjoy putting out paid dc for half-finished games (cough cough Marvel vs Capcom 3)

Faults: The game does however have its faults like

1.      No look on button this makes the game annoying but playabe it would be nice to know which enemy I will attack before I attack them. It would also be useful to lock on to some of the annoying flying enemies and then pull or lift yourself towards them.

2.      Enemies only damaged by an angel or demon weapon this limits the combo;s you can use which in turn prevents your style gauge from going up as quickly.

3.      The characters like Dante and Vergils are less cool than there original counter parts however the new ones are both decent in my opinion. Dante is douchier and a bit to vulgar it feels like his vocabulary is limited to *** and of course *** you it may be funny but he should expand on his vocabulary. Also Vergil is a bit of a whimp he was not much help in the Mundus boss battle.

4.      The panels in Lilth's club that either damage you or don't affect you depending on if you are using a demon or angel weapon. I can tell that this is frustrating.

5.      The combat does feel slower in this game due to it being 30 frames per second however it's not a huge deal as the grapple and aerial combo's make up for it a bit.

6. Dante's devil trigger forces the enemies into the air which makes them hard to hit. It takes to long to charge up from defeating enemies.. The devil trigger is more effective on bosses because it doesn't force them into the air.

7. Bosses patterns are easy to memorize. 

Here's a couple of videos on DmC you should check out before getting the game or just watch it for fun.

Here's the first troll trailer we got  on the new Dante.

The sound track is also pretty amazing its done by Noisa and Combichrist


Oh and if your down with the spoilers check out the last boss battle

Final Verdict: I hate rating games out of 10. I would rather express my rating on games through words but well this is a review so I should give it a rating. DmC gets a 6.5-7 in my book. Its overall a good game nowhere near as bad as the people who are giving it zero's are saying it is yet the game is not perfect it shouldn't get a 10 out of 10 because it does have its problems. The game is worth a rental or a buy. I'm just waiting on a price reduction because I feel the game is worth 30-40 however I could see why someone would pay 60 for the game. This is a game that the haters are under ratings and a game that some of the fans are over rating. If you want to finalize your decision on buying this game I recommend checking out some walkthroughs there are so many walkthroughs of this game on youtube right now.