Dishonered's gameplay is great to say the least but certain things in it make it short of fantastic. The stealth is enjoyable and well done but often times enemy awareness seems strangely high. One of the main issues of the game is avoiding certain enemy types is ridiculously painstaking and time consuming. For example an enemy in the game known as an "assassin" has the same teleportation abilities as Corvo and can see ridiculously well. There is a mission in which the "assassins" and zombie-like "weepers" are your only enemy. If you are spotted by an "assassin" he will teleport over to you so he can attack you with his sword or he will throw some kind of throwing star. In either situation he is nearly impossible to hit because close range with at sword he dodges nearly all your attacks so your only option is the crossbow or gun. 

My biggest complaint about the gameplay is the fact that if you are detected and don't have any "sleep darts" it is impossible to disable your assailants without killing them and there is rarely a good place to hide in the cramped indoor spaces where most of your detections will occur. It would be nice to have some kind of weapon like brass knuckles or your fist so that you don't have to kill an enemy if you are detected without "sleep darts." zmy final complaint is with the "Tallboys" an enemy type that walks on stilts and is equipped with a compound bow and shoots fire arrows at you. The only way to defeat them is to kill them so you can't knock them out. They're on stilts so they can see you very easily even while on rooftops.


The story is only alright at it's best moments. The flow of the story is done well, but mediocre writing makes it difficult to take in. The twist in the game is rather predictable and leads into one of the game's most agitating missions. The best part of the story comes in the form of books found during missions and messages from the outsider found in select "runes." The world is well crafted and interesting to learn about.

Graphics & Sound

The graphics are good, but the sound is grating and voice acting isn't good. The art style of the game is nice but when you have a conversation with a character their faces look really bad. Explosion effects are cool and if you're not super stealthy you will get to see them a lot. Sadly enemies will clip through objects making the game look poorly done when it's not a poorly done game by any means. The sound is good, but voice acting is passable at best. The lack of a soundtrack doesn't make the game creepier it takes away from the overall experience and intensity of combat.