Far Cry 3 has a lot to like about it, the game has great progression, good graphics, a decent story, loads to do on the island, a multiplayer mode that isn't horrible and finally a co-op mode that allows you to tackle a few missions with your friends. The main protagonist Jason isn't as bad as some people think he is, sure he is a trust fund child and rich, but he isn't arrogant and his money doesn't come into play, the game is about someone who becomes a great warrior and a part of the jungle. 

The game is not perfect, and that is why it doesn't get a 10/10 review from me. The multiplayer could use some polish in some spots, but it shouldn't be a deal breaker unless you are expecting the 64- player Battlefield 3 size games. After finishing co-op, i did wish that it was longer than 6 missions, but i cannot say that i did not enjoy every second of it. I did wish there were more weapons, but customizing the weapons helps diversify the weapons. The character designs for the non m.c. players were pretty generic so I wish that they would have diversified the cast a bit more.

The game is chaotic, but in a fun way. You could be stealthily killing some pigs, when rabid dogs begin to chase them, followed by the noise attracting some roving pirates. The difficulty isn't impossible so if you are new its not like Demon Souls.

I recommend this game for anybody looking for a game to sink dozens of hours into.