As Reiner, and many others have said, this is not a game in the sense that you are given a clear objective or even really a goal. The game centers around simply burning things and seeing what comes from it. 

The combos are fairly simple but there are some fairly complex ones, with the most interesting thing being how different things burn together within the fireplace. All of this is simply a discussion on gameplay though.

Where this game shines though is it's story and the way it is fed to the player through letters and even the items you are burning. This story concludes with what I can say is one of the most touching and thought provoking conclusion I have reached since Bastion.

The story can be interpreted many ways, it can be heartbreakingly sad or as I saw it a joyous and enlightening end. The music is heartfelt and perfectly timed, and I can promise this game will stir some emotion.

I would recommend this to anyone that can accept that this game is simple, almost like a tablet game, but that the story shines like that of a triple A title.