Far cry 3 can be compared to losing your virginity for the first time, at first it's awkward, but once you get into it, it's one of the greatest experiences you have ever had, Then you reach that Point in which it becomes the best thing ever! then it stops, you cool down, so does the experience and no matter how hard you try, it just never reaches that "best moment ever" again.

If this metaphor says anything about my experience with Far Cry 3 is that its a great experience, but after a few hours that experience just fades away, never to being as could as it was and could be. In this game you play Jason Brody who gets kidnapped by pirates and has to escape along with freeing all of his friends and family members on the island. What is different from most action hero stars is that Jason has never killed a man before, therefore you experience everything from his first kill up to his last. During the course of the story Jason gets lost in the rush, turning from a daredevil to a natural born killer, thus without getting into any big details he debates about if he should leave the island or not.

 Now the game handles smoothly, Its a ton of fun to run around the island (Which looks gorgeous by the way) and the methods they give you to travel make it so getting from one part of the island to the other isn't such a chore. However the main story missions themselves can become quite irritating (Especially the protection missions) and hunting, while very useful, isn't that well imputed. There was one experience  in which i had to hunt a shark and every single one i killed ended up clipping into the depths of the sea. On that note being able to at least use your knife in the water would have helped out hunting greatly in this game

The story itself isn't that well paced either, the game feels over when you are halfway through the game and it feels like they are trying to fill up time with the second half of the story. Overall this game is really good while it lasts, which is a few hours at best. Remember, doing this for more than 4 hours might result in you not coming out of this jungle a sane man