Far cry 3 is a masterpiece, whether its ripping through pirates with your AK47, soaring through the sky with a para glider, or setting the jungle to flame with a nasty flamethrower. The game always looks great.


(5 - 5) Far cry 3 story is about a daredevil named Jason Brody who skydives onto a beautiful tropical island. All is going well up until they find out that the island they are on is controlled by pirates ran by an insane man named Vaas. And throughout the game you listen to Vaas taunt and terrorize you. So you think after you the game is over. NO THE GAME IS NOT OVER, you then get to fight Vaas's boss... Hoyt.


(4 - 5) the games graphics would be higher, but the graphics kind of got repetitive. now do not get me wrong, the game looks amazing but all you see is green, blue, yellow, and occasionally red.

Character Models

(1.75 - 5) Okay, What the @!%$#!@ are you thinking, this game was made in 2012 and there are multiple games that have great character models, why would you make every model look the same, especially in the RAKYAT fighters, which you see all the time. NO instead you give us a repeating character model for every character you have in each character category.


There was a good amount of guns in the game but there should have been more. However, the guns i felt were unique and each had there pros and cons.

The Multiplayer

(3 - 5) I was actually surprised, i thought the multiplayer would be something that Ubisoft would just slap together, but no they actually created a pretty decent multiplayer. with character progressions and detailed attributions you can add to your multiplayer character. however, the maps.... UHGGG THE MAPS. they are so wild i feel unsafe everywhere and get shot from all directions. Also no one plays. AND WHAT HAPPENED TO THE VEHICLES, AND WHERE ARE THE AMMO DEPOTS AND WHY ARE THERE NO ANIMALS IN THE MULTIPLAYER. WHAT THE @!#$!@ ARE YOU THINKING UBISOFT???!!!!!.... And the custon tattoo editor should be a series of perks that your character gets like in the story mode.

Far cry 3 comparing to Skyrim

okay this is just ridiculous, i mean skyrim your using magic and swords to attack enemies and there is a whole lot more content. And in far cry your on a tropical island and there is cassowaries, i mean i see where the reviewers are coming from but far cry 3 is no where even close to being as great as skyrim.