When it comes to Mario, many will point at the series repetition. While titles like New Super Mario Bros. 2 can attest to that, Mario Kart 7, along with Super Mario 3D Land, proves that these series' aren't losing steam. Mario Kart 7's new glider, underwater, and customization features open a new door to what the future of the series can accomplish. While some can view the new additions as gimmicks, the customization and gliders open up the tracks more. Instead of having the karts all running the beaten path like most of the titles feel, being able to hang glide makes shortcuts, controlling your kart in the air, and taking multiple routes puts a lot more strategic driving into the 7th title. The new items, including the double-edged "7" item, definitely makes sure that no lead is safe, and that anything is possible. Not to mention the tracks. Not only are the new ones interesting, and great to play, but the retro-courses are among my personal favorites. While odd character selection (Queen Bee and Wiggler) coupled with a lack of single-player VS. mode (No free racing single play, only Grand Prix) hinder this title as a definitive #1, this title is still a must buy for returning fans, or gamers new to Mario Kart.