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Reclaimer Saga: Introducing Installment

This Installment to the Reclaimer Saga was a tremendous success. There is hardly anything to complain about. The game is a perfest combonation of Co-operative, Competitive, and individual gameplay. As this game contains a structured gameplay found in campaign, it balances the mix with the creative sense unique to Forge. When booting up your system, the only struggle becomes that to decide which of the many ways to play you shall choose to emerse yourself in first. Time is to short to get everything out of the game. This is good, for you will never be bored of the worl that is Halo 4. The experience of the intense campaign, competetive split screen multiplayer(custom games), and, of course Forge (as well asd theater) is only the tip of the iceberg, for there is an imense universe to explore in the field of online multiplayer, Infinity Play. As the game is not based off of only one aspect, all these modes of gameplay together on one disc is what makes Halo 4 just that. It is a great game, and only one question remains, how are they going to improve on such an already great game when Halo 5 comes around...



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