If someone told you that one of the best games of this young year is only an hour and thirty minutes long you’d probably laugh in their face. If that’s so then you’ve clearly haven’t heard of Journey. Thatgamecompaney, who is responsible for PSN hits Flow and Flower, are known for their subtle yet powerful games. Journey continues the trend in a magnificent way.

    Journey tells the tale of a cloaked figure and his ,what else, journey to a mountain that constantly looms in the distance. No words are said and no combat is present, just the subtle clues to the world you’re in and why your character is so dead set on reaching their destination. Each and every environment is stunning and so are your interactions with it. Whether it’s your robes simply flowing in the wind or the way the sand reacts to your movements as you climb and surf down the imposing sand dunes, it’s clear that the developers paid a lot of attention too detail.The excellent musical score done by Austin Wintory perfectly melds into the progression of each moment, culminating in one of the best video game soundtracks too date. Every time I reach the final moments I am nearly brought to tears by how well the music compliments what's going on in-game. Journey is a testament to why games should be considered a form of art, no less then paintings, sculptures, or movies.

    The gameplay is simple yet fun. You’ll be tested with puzzles while also trying to avoid the dangers of the environment and the ominous serpent like creatures sailing through the air. Although Journey boasts a very atmospheric style dependent on the feeling of loneliness in a big and mysterious world, the multiplayer feature is superb. No PSN name blares over your companion’s head and no form of communication is present, rather than a simple chirp system. With this any preconceived notions of who you might be playing with vanish. Both you and your companion will feel much more compelled to help each other find the many secrets and hidden objects in this gorgeous world. During my second play-through I came across another traveler fairly early . For the remainder of our travels we pointed out glyphs, items that enhance your ability to fly, to each other and on occasion even took the brunt of an attack so the other could dodge it. No matter if your playing alone or with some random PSN user Journey is a very rewarding experience. In fact you should try it both ways, the differences are astounding.

    Many casual gamers might write Journey off as a pretentious art game but that accusation wouldn’t be fair too what it truly is. It may not be long, challenging, or traditional in any sense of the word but that all works in its favor. The pacing would have likely been thrown off by changing any of those aspects and thus lessening the overall impact. Journey is a fantastic and beautifully crafted game that takes you on a short but unforgetable experience in a world like no other. If you find some time in between the bigger AAA titles this year, head to the PSN store and purchase this extraordinary game.