I have to say, after playing this game for a little more than 3 hours I was already hooked. Turns out the copy at which I had originally grabbed early was the full edition and man was I ticked. Finally got a full edition after my paycheck and whaula ! I can give a review about it.

The funny thing is though, I don't do many reviews, only if the game is absolutely amazing and a must have i my eyes.


I have to say that I loved Black Ops 2 for a multitude of reasons. Some of which I can't begin to explain. The gameplay was fantastic and the online mode was astonishing. I played online with some of my buddies and couldn't put the controller down. Even when I had a game where I went 11-17 I was still willing to play.

The guns offered a sense of stability because they were all overpowered it seems, but they all were overpowered. Nobody, in my standpoint had a stronger gun than anyone else. Each person had a gun that fit them. Thus, allowing them killstreaks.

My favorite gun on this game is the MP7. I enjoy it's many attachments. Rapid Fire Rate ( RFR ), and I also enjoyed its sick new camos. I was building up killstreaks when I finally unlocked something better than gold. The camo looked almost diamond like. It was shiny and silver and had diamond bezzles all the way around its body. Call me crazy but this game is beautiful ! 


I highly recommend this game to all out there that don't have because A. You haven't been able to purchase it yet, or B. Your skeptical. 

The only problem with this game is the Probationary period. Which means if you exit too many lobbies in the middle of playing you will get an increasing period of minutes banned from online gaming every time you leave. Just make sure you don't and you won't. 

Thanks for reading !!!