To be Honest, the most that i have played of PASBR is the demo at my local Gamestop, but that is more than enough to give a decent review about the game play and other aspects of this Beat them Up! The first thing i noticed when I started playing was the fact that it reminded me of Super Smash Brothers on the Nintendo Consoles so that was a big plus right off the bat. I went to play and i was at the character selection screen and since it was a demo, i didn't really have a lot of options. I chose Kratos from the God of War series and i was put against Big Daddy, Jax and Dexter, and two other people from the Playstation universe. I immediately tried to figure out the controls, X to jump, square to attack, triangle for an uppercut, and circle of an air attack. It was very similar to SMB, in the way that you beat the trash outta the opponents until they fly out of the arena. There are also special moves, and Kratos' as a vortex of pwnage! Overall when the demo was finished, i wanted to buy a ps3 and get the game immediately! I recommend this game completely!