The classic trilogy no one can get enough of.

I waited too long for this trilogy to come out on the PS3, no thanks to the lack of reverse compatibility. And almost everything from the trilogy made it to this collection.


The most evident change (the one that bugs me) is the 'Start' screen for Going Commando. Both the Sly & Jak/Daxter clips were cut, leaving out perhaps the true reasons why Ratchet looks so frustrated playing with his controller. His frustration worked especially well when he attempted to ride a hovercar through the absolutely horrible Jak 2. Ratchet couldn't handle the Paris bazooka chase scene from Sly 1, either.

The only other beef I had was the complete lack of effort to update any of the graphics, hence the reason to my otherwise perfect score.

A monster bonus this time around is the multiplayer for Up Your Arsenal gets a major boost from the PSN. Of the three PS2 heroes, Ratchet is the only one to offer an amazing online experience, if any at all.