I didn't realize that people like when a game hampers your enjoyment.  

This is a game that claims to give you plenty of options to get to your target and eliminate them.  Instead, the game punishes you for playing it the way you want to play it.  I'm a Splinter Cell and Dishonored fan, so I liked to sneak around.  If someone's in my way, and they're a hostile, I'd kill or incapacitate them.  This is the only game I have ever played that jumps in front of the player and takes points away for playing it silently and effectively.

Oh, did you want to actually have fun? I'll just deduct your score.

It's one thing to deduct points for killing a civilian or anything like that, but a game that punishes the player for taking out hostiles that are trying to kill him is simply *** stupid.

The narrative is loosely told without much reason, and there are VERY few missions that are fun to play.  The King of Chinatown mission is pretty fun, but afterward, the game antagonizes the player by saying, 'no, *** YOU FOR HAVING FUN' by deducting your score.

It may seem like I'm not being obvious enough.  The score counter in the top left in the campaign is simply *** stupid.  I want to play the campaign any way I WANT.  If I were playing CONTRACTS, you can score me.  The campaign is something I want to play without a gigantic scorebox annoying me.

If the campaign wasn't so damn boring and let me play without being punished, I'd probably give it a 7.5 or an 8.