LBPK is a really great game to get into with all the online, custom things, and cool races. The story mode is probably not the best as for story telling but the levels are fantastic, Same as the previous 2 games you have planets and sets of races and battles. Each planet has a cool theme like Space, 50's retro, and even Little big planet itself from the first one. The gameplay is mostly fun with 8 racers, traps, boosts, and weapons. at times though the weapons might glitch but its rare. The Music is what makes this game 10 times better, Lots of music types like rock, Ska, 50's, and even techno. It adds more depth to the game and levels around you. Karts and sacks are custom though karts are limited to custom. The online is great is you can find tracks that are decent and its extremely fun when you have friends too, if you dont have anyone else with the game its easy to meet new people! and if not you can do up to 4 player split screen and even take them online too! Creating tracks can be fun but are hard from all the new tech and tutorials that seem to be a bit confusing at times. Overall the game is very fun and goes well with old lbp players the most and seems to do well even with a few downsides.