It's hard for me to do justice to this series with mere words.  What Casey Hudson and the developers at BioWare have done with this series is nothing short of spectacular.  I've never found it easy to name my favorite thing in any category, but they managed to make it easy for me when it comes to video games.  The Mass Effect trilogy is, in my opinion, the greatest video game series ever made, and its conclusion, Mass Effect 3, manages to just barely overtake Mass Effect 2 as the greatest entry.  All three games are perfect 10's as far as experiences go, though parts 1 and 3 have some technical glitches, but none that bother me much.  As far as the ending is concerned, since so many seem obsessed with it, I personally loved it and find the more severe complaints about it to be ridiculous.  Anyone who says that the ending ruined the entire series for them can leave the room.  You are idiots.  To those who say the ending didn't satisfy them, I understand though I disagree.  I'll say this first, whatever your opinion of the ending is, if you haven't seen the Extended Cut then you certainly owe it to yourself to do so.  It's much better and helps to give closer to certain aspects of the ending that left players disappointed.  For me, the ending was excellent, unconventional, and only slightly flawed.  I am not a part of the camp that felt that every choice you made should have somehow manipulated the ending, because truth be told, what you're asking for isn't exactly realistic.  There are hundreds of choices in each game, and the thought that the ending could be tailored around everyone's unique and complex experience is basically asking for literally thousands of possible endings.  The truth is that too much focus is on this one scene of the game.  Your choices may not have that desired effect on the conclusion, but that was never the point.  Your choices effect the overall experience, which is much more important if you ask me.  This game's story is spectacular, and is filled with incredible moments and difficult choices.  It is a landmark in gaming history, just as its two predecessors are, and is the best game of 2012 by far.