Resident Evil 6 is so bad that I'd sooner read a book about its development than spend another second playing it. Sadly, no such book exists and I have yet to complete Ada's campaign. My love for this franchise is the only thing that got me through the three main campaigns. Any casual gamer would have quit long ago, and understandably so. Resident Evil 6 is the kind of game that takes a simple action and turns it into a button-mashing event that is likely to frustrate you more than it should. To make matters worse, the campaigns overlap one another, which means you're going to spend some time watching cutscenes that you've already seen and even replaying entire segments. If it sounds lazy, that's because it is. Instead of crafting three original stories to expand this universe, Capcom chose to tell the same one three times. Unlike Resident Evil 5, the gameplay doesn't make up for any of the shortcomings. It is simply not fun. Instead of upgrading weapons, you buy perks with experience that can be found/earned during the course of the game. The downside is that the perks are very expensive. I never upgraded any of my own beyond level two. The execution is very sloppy. Oh, and there are customizable dog tags, which feel out of place in an action/adventure game. The presentation, however, is excellent, so there's that.