First off this is an incomplete review. This review is for the first three campaigns of RE 6. Ada is not included. I really enjoy this game. The changes made to the series take away from the franchise in some aspects and add to it in others. I didn't go into this game expecting to be scared like I was for Resident Evil (1) and Dead Space. I would have liked to, but Resident Evil has taken a turn from horror to suspense. I'm not saying that is all bad, but it would feel good to feel my heart race while turning a corner, wondering what I was going to be faced with, and how many times I may die to get past it. I really enjoyed being able to carry every weapon available in the characters' respected campaigns and I also like the new herb system. I hated having to use a full heal when I really didn't need it in the older games. Plus I love the melee attacks and special kills that have been added to the series.

When it comes to RE 6, Leon is definitely my favorite campaign. His was dark and dealt with zombies instead of being flooded with B.O.W.s. It felt like the creators wanted to go back to the horror element with Leon's campaign. I don't want to say they failed at it, but the aspect of survival horror goes away when you have a partner (player or not) helping you take down anything that comes at you. This is the reason Leon is my favorite.

Chris was my least favorite campaign. I felt overwhelmed and was frustrated most of the time. Leon was fun. Chris not so much. I went into Chris's campaign expecting to have the same feeling I had in RE 5, but i didn't get that. It got old wondering what J'avo transformation would arise no matter where I shot them, or what B.O.W. I'd be fighting after they turned into a chrysalid. I did enjoy fighting the Iluzija (Giant Snake). I got the nostalgia of fighting Yawn from RE 1, but that was pretty much the best part from Chris's chapters. 

Jake's was interesting. Even though it also dealt with B.O.W.s, it had a different feel than Chris's. I really enjoyed the Ustanak encounters. Plus Jake and Sherry have an enjoyable partnership in my opinion. Leon and Helena were okay, but I couldn't stand Piers. When it comes to weapons, Jake's hand to hand is a great addition. I swear I take down Strelats (Lizard B.O.W.) faster with hand to hand than with other weapons.