So, RE6 has been out for a few days and has been met with very mixed reviews. Some love it, some hate it. So where am I in there? Well, I like it, but it's not perfect. In fact, it's quite flawed. Lets dig into RE6 and see what all the fuss is about. Is it not survival horror anymore and too much action? Let's find out! (Pst! That means you gotta read the review guys!) 


So, lets be honest guys. The Plot for the Resident Evil games has never been great. It's convoluted, silly and often confusing. It's got about 16 years of continuity you gotta keep up with. Being a fan of RE I didn't have a problem keeping up for the most part, but newcomers might suffer from confusion. Though, if you're just now playing the 6th installment in a long running series that's probably your own damned fault. So RE6 takes place over the course of about 6 months, all over the globe from the perspective of several characters, some new, some old. The game is split into 3 primary campaigns (another you unlock after you beat the initial 3) from the perspective of Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield and Jake Muller, who is accompanied by old school character Sherry Berkin. The others have new friends as well, Helena, Piers and such, and they're alright characters, but I don't see them making comebacks to the series. They didn't leave too much of an impression. Well, Piers kind of did, but, trust me, we will most likely not see him again. So there is a biological attack in America, Europe and China caused by a new terrorist cell called Neo-Umbrella. So yeah, Umbrella is back. Jesus, those guys are like *** roaches! The story suffers from not having good pacing. Each arc just starts and you kind of feel like you missed something. Some build up and exoneration wouldn't go amiss. Also, playing through one or two of the arcs will still leave you confused. The game likely would have benefited from just switching perspectives in accordance with the timeline of the game. It would have been far more cohesive that way I think. Other than that, voice acting isn't bad, in fact it's actually pretty good. I almost never chucked or cringed at serous moments in the game, though some of the dialogue is still quite cheesy. That said, the characters are quite compelling and their motives well defined. It's perhaps the best told of the RE stories, but suffers from being too complicated and broken apart. 


So, here is the thing. RE6's gameplay is perhaps the weakest aspect. It is trying too hard to be something it isn't. It's trying to be 3 games basically. A Survival horror game and action game. That is RE6's greatest failing, it is too ambitious. It tries too hard to be too much. Okay, let me break this down. Leon's campaign is mostly survival horror. You fight old school zombies and it has more scares (though I never jumped). Chris' is basically just action, plain and simple. You fight with a squad against enemies that can use guns and sometimes mutate. It's basically Call of Duty: Resident evil edition. Jake's is little of both, though there was one area that actually did scare me because I had to run and hide from an enemy that would instantly kill me if I didn't. Jake's is perhaps the most interesting from a gameplay perspective if only for the fact that it is much like RE3. You are constantly tracked by a very strong creature that is big and relentless. It will not stop no matter what. Jake's arc works only for that, otherwise it's just as actiony as Chris'. That's not to say that it's bad, but Leon's is certainly the strongest as it is what the game should have been overall. Add in more puzzles though, seriously, only the 4th campaign does that. Controls for the game are improved, but still wonky. The camera needs to be farther behind your character so you can see better since it's focusing on the shooter element more, though those aren't perfect either. That said, at least I can finally MOVE WHILE I AIM! That's been needed since RE4. The health system is good though. You have 6 blocks of health and you mix herbs same as before, but they turn into pills that you carry. take on for how many blocks of health you need by simply pressing one button. It's very simple and easy. First aid sprays still need to be used the old way though, but oh well. Also, the mele system, while a welcome addition, needs work. The camera often gets in its way and depth perception is a problem. Also, the fatigue bar can be annoying. I feel like you run out of breath too fast, but that could just be me. I do mele a lot. A major issue I have with the game is it's quick time events. I HATE QTE's and this game has so many. This is a useless gameplay gimmick that needs to die. The last section of Leon's campaign gave me so much trouble because of a climbing QTC that wasn't properly explained. That's another thing, the lack of a manual for this game really hurts it. There are almost no tutorials to be found so you mostly just have to figure it out. When you do, it isn't so bad, but the fact that you have to die over and over just to learn how to properly play the game isn't a good thing. Also, the game can be a tad buggy, but I didn't have too many issues with this and I wouldn't worry that much about it. Co-Op is back as well, and it's much better, more stable. Though you can play on your own, and I'm happy to report that your AI ally is not a dimwit and can take care of his or herself! Also, they don't leech off your supplies, they can't die and have unlimited ammo. It's quite nice to not have Sheva's stupid voice saying "THANKS PARTNAH!" Over all though, the gameplay is passable and doesn't hinder you too much, though it can be needlessly frustrating.

Graphics and sound

Graphically, RE6 is a beautiful game. It's got good textures, environments and diverse locals. The character animations are very solid, facial expressions are top of the line. Hair moves and doesn't look like plastic, people look diverse. There isn't just one build for every male and female character model. Some are bigger, shorter or build differently than others. It's really refreshing to see something that should be commonplace in games. Although they do reuse a lot of the same enemy models, but that's a minor issue. There are pretty much no glitches in this department. So many games have pop in texture problems or difficulty loading everything in these days, but this game doesn't. It's nice. Sound is also good, I touched on the voice acting but the music is also quite solid, though not terribly memorable. The zombie and creature effects are great though. Capcom sure knows how to do zombies, that's for damn sure. 

So, all and all, RE6 isn't nearly as bad as some people are saying, but it's not a masterpiece either. It's a flawed but fun game that fans of the series should check out. Just don't expect greatness and you'll have a good time. If perhaps Capcom were a little less ambitious and tried to just make a survival horror game instead of an action game with horror elements it likely would have been far more sucessful. That said, you should at least rent the game. No online passes required thank goodness! 

Resident Evil 6 gets a 7.5 out of 10. 

Overall good voice acting
solid co-op
AI companions aren't complete idiots
Shooting mechanics are improved 
I can move and aim!!
Improved health system
Great graphics and sound
Decent story

Story has bad pacing and is perhaps too convoluted
some cheesy dialogue still
Kind of buggy
poorly executed tutorials
Quick time events can make things very frustrating