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This is a must have

I've had this game since the midnight launch and its exactly what you would want from an AAA title except the experience is on a handheld and that makes it even more mindblowing. The graphics are impecable and controls are intuitive and fluid. I dont post so the fact that I have to is that this review does not give the game credit. If youre looking at this as a micro game of sorts you're very wrong this is far from AC:Bloodlines. This is a full fledged and incredibly detailed world with an intriguing story and gameplay. Also its very expansive, like very very large in scale. Any one with a Vita had better make sure not to miss this classic. 

  • Good review. I wouldn't call it a "classic," but it is definitely one of the strongest titles on the vita.
  • I can't believe Joe skipped over the multiplayer completely. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean you should leave it out of your review.

  • You say if you have a Vita, you have to make sure not to miss it. Is it worth picking up a Vita to play it? Is it good enough to justify getting a Vita for, at least right now, this game alone?