Being a fan of RE4, but not overly familiar with the Resident Evil series, I came into this game with high hopes but not a lot of expectations. Unfortunately, the gameplay didn't do much to impress me.

To be fair, I've only played Leon's campaign, and I'm not finished yet (at this writing, I just arrived in China). However, in that time, I feel like I've gotten a fairly good taste of what the rest of the game is like. I'll start with what I don't like:

  • QTEs - this topic has been exhausted, but suffice to say there are WAY too many of them.
  • Unexpected deaths - all too often I've died due to poor scripting or unclear game mechanics. RE6 loves to take control away from you spontaneously, even though monsters persist in attacking you. This lead to more than one death. Unclear on-screen prompts also led to multiple deaths, as did wonky camera angles that left it unclear where I should go (the underwater sequence, anyone?)
  • Missing out on loot - because you are often separated from your AI partner, then forced to defend them while they run about, loot is dropped that you have no way of getting to, because once your partner rejoins you, their path is closed off. This happened to me in the Cathedral, in the Catacombs, and in the marketplace in China. Leveling up is tedious because Capcom is NOT generous with skill points, so missing out on them in an AI's journey pissed me off.
  • Crazy camera angles - not only does Capcom love to take the camera away from you, it also loves to make the camera point in a useless direction, often making it hard to see what's going on, periodically resulting in your death.
  • Lack of scares - there were SO many missed opportunities for real jump-scares (zombies popping out at you on the flight to China, corpses springing to life in the catacombs, etc). I often found myself bored, wandering through the level just to get to the next checkpoint, disappointed that nothing terrified me. 
  • Lack of proper save - my time is limited during gameplay, and sometimes, I just want to save and come back to an area later. Too bad - RE6 forces saves upon you according to its schedule, not yours. This is an ongoing source of irritation.
  • Headshots don't kill zombies - why? How is it that I can shoot a zombie in the head four times before it dies?

What I do like:

  • The graphics look great, environments feel fresh and interesting. I love the backdrop of the Chinese markets/towns. I often find myself wandering around just to see the sights.
  • Looting - while I still feel there aren't enough skill points being doled out in the game, smashing crates and barrels is always exciting to see what I'm about to get.
  • Variety in enemies - these seem to only come in stages, not constantly barrage your game, but I appreciate that every locale has new enemies, sub-bosses, and bosses, along with unique ways on how to kill them. This helps to keep combat fresh.


I wish I could say that the likes outweigh the dislikes, but honestly, I'm going to finish Leon's campaign and then shelve this game for good. There's just not enough here to make me want to play the other campaigns and frankly, the scare factor just isn't high enough. I long for a return to the more simplistic terror that RE4 inflicted upon us. Who can forget the first time a chainsaw-wielding ganado came charging toward them? Or the first time they faced the mutated wolverine-clawed giant? These type of tense combat situations are sorely lacking in RE6 and I just don't feel challenged. In short, this game might be ok for a weekend rental when nothing else is going on, but I wouldn't go out of my way to play this game. Let's hope Capcom hears the feedback from players and gives the series a much-needed reboot.