This is my most favorite game and I love it <3. I dunno what to say other that this game f*cking rocks! All of the classes are equaly amazing as long as you know how to play them and all the team work gets you new friends online!

So the best class damage wise is the Engi but here are the 9 best classes.

9.Medic, no good attack wepons but can heal others

8.Spy, weak but tricky and quick

7.Heavy, strong, but slow

6.Sniper, weak but strong plus his wepons are very effective

5.Soilder, slow as hell but strong as hell

4.Pyro, very effective wepons plus good health

3.Scout, decent wepons and very fast

2. Demo-man, normal health, more than normal damage, and decent speed

1. Enginer, best guns in the game and decent speed