Let me say coming in I was bias. I'm not a sims driver Fanatic, I like to crash'em up and take em down! Paradise City Baby! So that being said I was all ready for a ho hum Horizon sim and giving Criterion's NFS Mw2 the run away prize. When I first loaded up the Horizon Demo, Maybe I got awe struck with that hot chick's shoe and her toes in the video lead in. She really has a hot looking foot! I may have to screen capture her toes and use as my wall paper! Anyways, I'm thinking Fast Cars and Hot Chicks, not a bad concept.  First race I hit the track and yes I stunk! It's hard with a regular controller no wheel and shifter over here pal. Plus my view setup was in 3rd person. Well once I got into a rivalry with one of my friends it was on! It took me a day just to figure out use the driver wheel view,  then I found out, use the arrows and put the break on when the arrows turn red until you think the arrows are going to turn yellow then gas it! I'm in the top 6% in the first race! Sweet! So take that you Wheel Fanatics! hehe

Next Came the race Mustang verses Mustang only the other Mustang is a Friggin' Plane! Within this race the music starts to grow on me, I'm actually diggin the festival atmosphere, I crush the plane but I'm crushed by my Rival time! Oh this XBL Friend Rivalry is ON! after an hour I finally get the better time! So my Rival Pal is in for a rude awaking when she checks in tomorrow!

So I'm think Demo over! NO! Like is this demo ever going to end?! Got another Race, and I'm in the Viper! I Do Ok in the race but I didn't spend a lot of time trying to reduce my track time since my Rivalry in this race was unknowns, after that you are left to  Free Roam a few roads, 11 out of 200+ and viewing the Night time was cool.

Graphic wise the Game is on par what I think it should be, Not Mind Blowing but it's just the Demo so I know there will be more, Crashes, there is actually dents and markings on your car! Normally Sim Developers try and stay away from Crash damage since they are dealing with actual Real life Cars and Car Manufactures don't like seeing dents their cars. Crashes not as good as Paradise but good enough for Forza. 

The Sound: Good engines, Catchy Music Good stuff,

Concept of Open World Driving, It's the way to go! I got hooked on Paradise City's Open World and it's hard to play anything less now. 

I think Forza Horizon will be a winner! They got the Cars, They have the open world roads that you can log many miles on.  If they add the Hot Festival Babes through out, I think the game will do very well.

Final Conclusion, I had No Intention of pre ordering Forza Horizon, I put all my marbles on Criterion's NFS MW2 but I think I'm going to Pre order, The Demo made me a believer.