Note: Like my previous review, this review will be SPOILER FREE.

Telltale's first season of The Walking Dead: The Game is heading to a close, and while this episode didn't pack in as many shocking twists and turns throughout like the last episode, it sure didn't hold back on the crazy moments leading up to its agonizing cliffhanger ending. Picking up a little after where the last episode left off, Around Every Corner finds the group finally making it to Savannah and continuing the search for a boat to aid in their escape from the zombie apocalypse.

When playing the episode, it seemed as if the pacing was slower than the other episodes in the past, more so than even the second episode. I find this personally to be somewhat ironic, as this is truly the episode that gives the spotlight to the zombies the most. While zombies do have more of a presence this time around, it's still just the cog on The Walking Dead wheel, as further character development is a highlight throughout the episode.

We delve deeper into the psyche of Kenny as he continues to grieve over the events of the last episode. We also continue to see Clementine maturing as a character, as she tries to fit herself in more as a member of the group and less of being just a hapless child, displaying Clem's furthering loss of childlike innocence. Like always, this is where The Walking Dead truly shines, as we get to see the dynamic between Lee and the rest of the group blossom as the events they go through leave more and more of a physical and emotional toll.

It must be said, however, that because the pacing is so much slower this time around, there are less noteworthy events that occur in-between the story, which can make some of the time spent feel tedious. I did start to feel this from time to time when nothing was really going on, but not enough for it to leave me feeling bored. And just because there aren't as many shocking and jaw dropping moments strewn throughout like the last episode, that doesn't mean there aren't any to be found. As well as having fun zombie altercations, there are some truly heartfelt and saddening moments to be had. I wont spoil it, of course, but there is a moment between Kenny and Lee that is intentionally similar to a major moment in Episode 3, that helps to further the arc of one of the characters.

I've already addressed the graphics and gameplay in my review of the last episode, and for the most part, there's nothing that's really changed. There are a few more first person shooter type sections that were introduced in the last episode, but they don't last long and, while not all that exciting, don't interfere with the flow of the gameplay too much. Small note on graphics, I did have a few times where some of the character models would start randomly vibrating for no reason, but this only happened sporadically and it didn't turn into too much of an issue.

Around Every Corner is, for all intensive purposes, mainly a filler episode to help build up the season finale. And while it may lack in exciting moments up until the very end (seriously, as Doc Brown would say, it's some serious sh*t), it still has enough memorable moments and interesting character interactions throughout to make it a fun and engaging episode that is absolutely necessary to play for those that have been around from the beginning to experience. The journeys almost over, and I wont miss a second of it. And neither should you.