Before I actually get to the review, I’d like to thank the nostalgic fan-boys out there who gave this game such a silly amount of hatred. The low review scores, ridiculous comments, and pointless arguments about Resident Evil 6 have made my personal review process a lot more enjoyable. Not only was it more enjoyable because I liked the game, but I was also able to see what everyone was complaining about firsthand. Needless to say, the majority of hate for RE6 was received from “gamers” who just can’t seem to move on with the times and accept change. If you’re still wearing those nostalgia glasses, take ‘em off for a bit and see why this game isn’t such a flop in my spoiler-free Good vs Bad review.


As for the good things about Resident Evil 6: A few things that I put on my RE6 wish-list have made their way in. First of all, there are actually a few moments within this game that have a survival-horror feel to them. I've actually even jumped a couple times and felt a lot more cautious of my surroundings in certain areas. In addition to that, zombies make a highly anticipated comeback in the Resident Evil franchise and you can finally move while you’re aiming.  Being able to move while you aim makes combat feel a lot smoother this time around, but wait, there’s more! RE6 also gives you the ability to dodge and use cover, which definitely seems to help out a lot when you’re being attacked by numerous enemies.

There have been quite a few improvements to your AI companion while playing the single player, as well as the overall co-op experience. Unlike Resident Evil 5, the AI is actually useful in more ways than just keeping you company and being a distraction. They rack up more kills and even have the ability to revive you when you're downed. You can also give them commands by holding down the circle button (B via 360), which gives you much more of a say in how your partner, be they AI or human, performs. Don't get too use to having your partner around though, because there are quite a few moments in RE6 that separate you and force you to fight on your own. Ah, and when you decide to play online you no longer have to worry about your partner picking up any loot that you want. Each player has separate loot, meaning that if they pick up an item it’ll still be there until you pick it up as well (and vice-versa).

For those of you worried about RE6's numerous campaigns affecting its overall length, you have nothing to worry about. Each campaign is actually a pretty decent length (about 5 to 8 hours each) and they’re quite diverse. You will be exploring different areas, fighting different enemies, interacting with different characters, and even have completely different objectives with each campaign. It's almost as if you're getting multiple games on one disc!

Speaking of diversity, RE6’s enemies are by far the best designed in terms of being relatively creepy and varied in comparison to the last few RE titles. Actually, some of them are so weird that I couldn’t help take a moment to ask myself "What the **** is that thing?" in numerous sections of the game. There are actually so many different kinds of enemies that you'll need to change your tactics quite often to defeat them all, especially when you’re being attacked by what could seem like 10 or more at once.

The games new Skill Point system may seem confusing and rather limited at first, but once you get the hang of things it becomes a huge help. Skill Points can be spent on perks, which can then be added into 1 of the 10 (if my memory serves me correctly) sections available. Each section has 3 slots, which may seem limiting but here’s the catch: you can freely change between which section is equipped while you’re in the game via the Select (Back via 360) menu.

Before getting to the bad things about Resident Evil 6, there were a couple things that I found a bit iffy. They aren’t bad but they aren’t very good either, starting with Agent Hunt mode.  It’s definitely a lot of fun to play, though once the target dies you're kicked out of the game and it's considered a victory whether or not you’ve killed them. The problem with that is the fact that Agent Hunt rounds tend to go by way too fast, and sometimes you will spend more time in the loading screen than the actual game itself.

The next thing I was iffy about while playing Resident Evil 6 is the amount of QTE’s (Quick Time Events). From the very beginning, you're met up with numerous QTE’s that are quite consistent throughout the game (more so in Leon’s campaign than the others). Don’t get me wrong, I see QTE's as a great addition to most games during cinematic moments and don’t often mind them. However, Resident Evil 6 just uses way too much of a good thing. Sometimes the QTE’s worked pretty well and sometimes they didn’t, but overall I didn’t see them as much of a bad thing… Just kind of a “meh” thing.

As for the bad things about Resident Evil 6: Though having zombies back in Resident Evil is nice, they are way too clingy. Rarely will they miss an opportunity to pounce you and give you some zombie-lovin’, which was actually one of the leading causes of death in this game for me and can be incredibly annoying thanks to the QTE’s they trigger.

The only other bad thing about this game is the fact that the enemies can often be quite ridiculous. Having to shoot a standard enemy in the face 5 times before it falls to the ground, and having to fight the same boss 3 or more times before it’s actually dead can get quite annoying. After the first few times it’s like “This is great!” but then it starts to become a chore, and I slowly lost the will to keep trying anymore.

Overall, whether or not you appreciate this game depends on if you’re willing to accept the changes within this franchise. I personally like the direction in which the game is going, and it only makes sense for the game to become more action-based as the stakes grow higher to save humanity. To those who don’t quite agree with that, all I can honestly say to them is: “Have fun replaying the earlier titles, because from the looks of things Resident Evil isn’t going back any time soon.” Resident Evil 6 gets an 8 out of 10.

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(Review based on Xbox 360 version.)