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I loved this game,but the storyline sucked.

When i bought this i expected more but hey what do you no?Many people say the characters are not different i guess i agree i never played the other ones.This game has some Limited appeal.Its a blast at first but when you finish it your like......I'm not impressed by any of it though,the graphics where good,gameplay was good,sound pathetic,Appeal Moderate-low.I dont think you should buy this until price drop or you rent it.



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  • Great review and alotta people would agree with what you said :D

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    Okay bud, the pics are fine, but we generally try and delete reviews that don't have some more substance than this to them.  This is more of a summary of a review, not a full review.  Please flesh this out a bit, that way if somebody comes looking, they can get a better idea of what the game is about.