It is absolutely astounding to me how opposite reviews for this game are.  GameSpot, a company that gives professional reviews, gave this game a 4.5 while GameInformer gave it an 8.75.  People are bashing the game for not sticking to its original style.  Resident Evil 4 didn't and neither did Resident Evil 5, but they're still two outstanding games.  Look at a series like Grand Theft Auto or Metal Gear Solid.  Grand Theft Auto started out as a 2D game, changed to a 3D game, and then became a more realistic 3D game, and its still one of the most popular franchises of all time.  Metal Gear started out as a 2D game for the NES, and now its changed to a climactic action-stealth game.  Changes happen.  It's normal.  All I see in the bad reviews are angered rants on how Resident Evil isn't the survival horror that it used to be and not what's really good and bad about the game.  It's correct that Resident Evil isn't what it used to be, but it's still an action-packed thrill ride.

      The gameplay, although flawed, is great.  There are no longer tank controls or stopping to shoot.  You can run and shoot, melee is important to the combat because ammunition is almost always low, and the characters are the most agile in Resident Evil.  There are many weapons, and there are different types of ammunition to test on the zombies.  The co-op is definitely the best in Resident Evil.  You are split up from your partner often and thrown into precarious situations often.  It's really good that the co-op is solid because the NPC partners are dumber than the zombies.  You might as well kill all the zombies yourself because they couldn't hit the wall if they were shooting at it.  Fortunately, though, when particular situations come that require them to help, they will.  Just don't think that they will help any in combat.  Co-op can be played in split-screen or online.  There are tons of moments where you will have to do quick-time events and controlled situations, which take the gameplay to a more climactic level.  Some of these events glitch sometimes, leading to uncontrollable deaths.  They are few, however.  The quick-time events come often and raise the tension in the gameplay, but they come unexpectadly.  Sometimes, that will lead to uncontrollable deaths.  The gameplay requires quick thinking, though, so some of those seemingly uncontrollable deaths come because you made a mistake and died.  The controls are great, allowing fluid and precise motion.  I didn't care for the controls of a couple of driving scenes, though.

      The story is definitely the best part of Resident Evil.  It consists of four intersecting storylines, starring familiar faces like Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, and Ada Wong along with newcomers like Jake, Wesker's son.  These storylines cross in interesting ways, but you will have to play some parts of the game over again but in different perspectives.  Every storyline other than Ada's is co-op.  The missions are lengthy and fun.  Ada is a memorable villian.  The voice acting is top-notch, making the character seem more real than they've ever been.  The only problem with the voice-acting is Jake.  I swear, if I hear another one-liner from him, I might kill myself.  The story is filled with twists and has cinematic qualities, making it seem like a blockbuster movie.  Is this a scary game?  No.  Does that mean that the game is bad?  Absolutely not.  The four storylines span four typles of gameplay that have all been part of the Resident Evil series.  Chris's relies more on military shooting, so quick-paced shootouts are normal.  Leon's relies more on Resident Evil's old system, with some jumpy moments, more dark corridors, and slower gameplay.  Jake's relies on more quick-time events and chase scenes.  Ada's relies on stealth and puzzle-solving. 

      The graphics are fantastic.  Zombies tear apart when you shoot them, and explosions are huge and amazing.  Worlds are filled with detail, and dark corridors provide somewhat of a chill.  The characters have great detail, and the animation is great. 

      The sound effects are good.  Gunshots and explosions sound awesome.  The sound of screams and the grunts of zombies sound good, too.  Vehicle sounds are decent at best, but they're the only low point in the sound.

      The camera, for the most part, works well.  You can control a good over-the-shoulder view that gives a good view of what's in front of you.  It seems, though, that Capcom wanted to experiment with camera angles, so sometimes, the camera changes to the kind of view it glve during Resident Evil's early days.  They come unexpectadly and can get annoying at times.

      Just a few years ago, we complained that Resident Evil's old tank controls and camera angles were outdated and needed to change.  Resident Evil 4 changed that for the sake of more action, and we loved it.  Now Resident Evil 6 comes with everything that made Resident Evil legendary, and we now hate it for the new that we wanted because of the old that we complained about?  Is Resident Evil 6 perfect?  No, but as a gaming community, we need to make up our minds for the sake of Resident Evil and decide on what we want.  Old, new, both, or neither?