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Incredibly biased review

Just a prime example of bias right here.  I was already facepalming when I saw "Make a bunch of big-bosomed ladies punch each other again".  Yet another person who decides to base their score off the fanservice without even playing the game.  "New sweat and dirt effects are about as exciting as they sound" Just wow, no mention of the complete overhaul of characters or environments at all.  This basically translates to the author attempting to appear extremely mature as he doesn't like CREEPY3DBOOBSLOLDISGAMESUCKS.  Funny since you know every fighting game that has been released recently has fan service.

No mention at all of the new balancing on holds, why the game has become more competitive, or new additions to combat save for the power blow.  It's just sad how obvious it is that the author simply mashed his way through the game claiming it to be the same since he has no knowledge of fighting games or the previous installments.  Terrible review.  Focusing so much on lack of content yet Capcom games which are completely barebones money grabs are never given bad reviews.  This game has a 3 hour story mode with cutscenes.  Do capcom games do that?  I'm reminded why I don't use this website anymore.  Give anything that the Fighting game community enjoys a good score and anything else a bad one.  Check out the IGN review for someone who actually focuses on the fighting and less on bashing the game for its girls.

Many changes to the fighting, the great visuals, and the audio all shape this up to be the best Dead or Alive yet.  The soundtrack is lacking but the ambient sounds and punches and kicks all bring you into the fight.  If you're basing your opinion on this game from the boobs, you're a moron.  

  • Agreed 100%. There's more to DOA than boobs and the reviewer clearly wanted to appear mature without getting into the intricacies of this installment. And for his information, DOA5 relies on "the boobs" the least out of any DOA game so far.
  • Agree 1000% I like Dan Ryckert as a person and trust his reviews on some genres but he should NOT be reviewing fighting games. I've seen every GameInformer video, Replay, ect. and know his personality to a T but I don't trust him to properly break down the mechanics of a fighting game and accurately represent how nuanced they can become. I know he has an unhealthy obsession with Mortal Kombat but that is definitely one of the lesser contenders when it comes to fighting game mechanics. Although I do enjoy the new one immensely and won't argue its praise. Jason Ostreicher (or whatever his last name was) I know is not a reviewer but is the only opinion I will trust on GameInformer when it comes to fighting games. The various content on the site simply show he has the most knowledge about the genre and he needs a pass on being the only one to review fighting games or GI simply has to get another reviewer who knows the genre. Dan Ryckert's opinion will not suffice. Even if his review score was higher. The content does not let me know what the new DOA is about from a game mechanics point of view. Review rant over.
  • So you're reviewing a review? Meta.

  • It's Dan's opinion. He thought the game sucks and that it's a waste of money. If he notices gimmicks, he's probably going to say that in the review.

  • Lulz.