In theory, this sounds like the type of game I would love. Here's why.

It's sometime in the middle of the 21st century. Global Warming has caused the sea-level to rise, causing most land to be uninhabitable. The Ark, a former artificial resort for the rich, has now turned into the last place that can harbor the human race (as far as we know). Now, aboard the Ark, two different factions have risen up against the other. In one hand, you have the Resistance: a rag-tag, motley crew group of rebels who want to leave the Ark in search for natural land and survivors, while the Security (basically the military; the enforcers, per say, of the Ark), who realize that leaving the Ark would be a death wish, and would use up all of the Ark's resources. 

Sounds like an awesome story line, right?

Notice I said in theory. I haven't really heard a lot about Splash Damage before, but now I realize why. This game is a parallel to Alpha Protocol. Although I never played AP, I never wanted to after reading the reviews. Just like Obsidian could make an RPG about being a spy boring, Splash Damage made this idea very dull. 

The game is set almost into Levels. You complete one level, and move on to the next. However, I do like the fact you get to choose your faction, and also that even after beating the main levels, you also have "What If" levels to play out. These "What If" levels are based around situations where things didn't play out according to plan, as in the main story line.

However, before I even started one of the levels, I was pissed off. 

Two words: Character creation. I was customizing my guy, when I started to realize there were only about TWO choices to choose from on each customizable characteristic. Now, it isn't uncommon to see certain customizations locked until you have enough XP to buy it, but this was like only two or three choices per attribute. May I say, GGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Okay, once I collected myself, I started the first level on the Security side. 

*Okay, I know this is an off-the-wall comment, but the faces were really unrealistic. Their noses were as long as my Chocolate Labrador's tail. That's just sad. Point deduction for unrealistic-ness.*

I liked the fast-paced, parkour style of the game. However, the controls were too stiff for the fast parkour style. I'm not talking about sensitivity. I felt like reaction time was delayed from when I hit the left stick forward, to when my character actually started to run. Of all the levels I played (even after I adjusted sensitivity), this was a problem.

If there was any music, I didn't notice it over the constant shouting of different accents and whiz of bullets.

So, this game garnered a 6.25 from me. Overall, it kept my interest for like two days. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone really..... Why?

Because there is so much potential in this game that was never unleashed.