Within the first few minutes, Dark Souls shows its difficuly, quickly punishing every mistake you make with death after death. That is what makes this game so amazing, taking down a single enemy is satisfiying. Each has it's own attack patterns with weaknesses and strengths. Figuring out how to best tackle the enemy is the key to ultimate success. A black knight is hard hitting but slow if I block his attacks he will be open for just long enough to get in a hit or two. Every boss in the game is uniquely different from others, making it your lucky day when you take down these guys. Now some reviewers have said that Dark Souls is not fair at times, mainly referring to the curse element, I do not agree with those statements. Based on my heavy built knights I found preparation or extra caution always made each fight quite fair.  There is spikes in difficulty but every moment and every death is fair. Besides the difficulty Dark Souls has one of the greatest atmopsheres in gaming that I have every seen. When you see the sun shining over a dead city you can't help but get chills seeing gargoleyes and other demons run amok, or the Tomb of the Giants which always brings a certain level suspense when you see a giant skeleton and knowing the only way way to kill it is to put away your later and fight it in the dark. The game heavily relays on your ability to get to places causing a level of exploration in the game that does not punish you for exploring like other games. The soundtrack is one of my favorites of all time, while there is rarely any music the clanking of armor and weapons makes Dark Souls feel like a gigantic battlefield come alive. Customization of weapons and armor just sweetens the experiance when you have spent hours making your weapons and armor into the set that you use to defeat the next boss. The only downside is some framerate mainly in a place called blight town however if you get the patch 1.05 on the Ps3 or Xbox 360, the framerate will be almost completely fixed. Dark Souls is something different, its not easy and shallow but difficult and satisfying, making it one of the greatest games I have ever played in my life.