so yeah, this game is epic. i love the variety of creatures, the engaging quests, and the pawn mechanic. could use a lock on feature with melee combat (i'm an arcane archer type, so it kinda has a lock on thing later.), but i've done well without it. like i said in the title, i like this game more than skyrim. why? because, combat is better, the classes are better, the magic is better. sure, i can't equip two different swords, and the landscape isn't as expansive, but i enjoy roaming the land, killing things. i could wish for better gear in the shops.i'm kinda topped off at the moment...... aaaand i messed up the "idol" quest" (stupid brat). still, i've been playing this for a month. i intend to play more of it after i beat it. skyrim isn't even in my library any more. point being. i'm enjoying this game, graphics remind me of demon souls, pawns should shut up more. but their chatter isn't too annoying. the gear can be layered. and there is a great depth to the combination system.