I bought LBP because it was on discount, Just wanted to try this game. Then thats when I saw and felt it, It was a game meant for humans with vast imagination and creativity. A masterpiece of visuals that focus on the cartoon and child like graphics and color that mix perfect.

The framerate and kind of graphics are a fine mix. Seeing the story was just so fun and great one to remember too. It mostly has to do with different cultures around the world too. The online is just a blast where you meet new people and see other crazy levels with friends. Creation is what made me in love, the ability to make whatever i wanted with tools, i went berserk. The many many many hours of creating is ridiculous but fun and makes laughs when you mess up. The music is also one of the best i've heard with perfection to each level and stickiness to your mind. With many cultural music and fuuny tunes it should lift up spirits. I insist that all at least try it, all ages too... because I did, and it became my favorite game  of all time.