If you are someone who played Tekken 6 and think that Tekken Tag 2 is that plus a tag mechanic, stop right there. This game is much more than that. From what I've played the controls are tight, graphics have been kicked up about thirty percent, and the online mode makes Tekken 6's online look like a Hummer with the word "Porsche" painted on the side. However, I did get a lttle lag; not enough to stop the match, but just enough to slow down button commands. The sever did seem to quickly solve the problem between and during matches.

The Fight Labs mode puts you in the shoes of Combot (Tekken 4). It is people who either haven't played Tekken and want to learn some quick techniques, or people who just want the whole TTT2 experience. It is a short mode, but the story is pretty funny and the better you are, the more fighting styles you can unlock for your Combot.

Since I got the game on pre-order I did get the DLC characters early, and if you are worried about spending money on them when they become fully available on XBLA/PSN do not worry; every character will be free to download. I'm not certain if the same will go for any extra stages or customizable items, but we can only dream , right?

The game in general is great for people who love fighting games or are getting into the genre.