If I were able to, I would give this game a Zero. Madden 13 is easily, by FAR, the worst game I have ever had the misfortune of purchasing. The only silver lining is that I only wasted $30 (instead of $60) because I split the cost with a friend. The game is literally unplayable in my opinion. I'll list some of the many shortcomings of this game-

1- NO FANTASY DRAFT. Every year since at least 2002, my friends and I have looked forward to getting together to start our franchises against each other and try to take our teams to the Superbowl. The most entertaining part of this whole process has always been a complete 32 team fantasy draft including all of the players. I'm not talking about making unbeatable cheat teams but rather a fair draft of 50+ rounds. The strategy involved was deep since you had to decide when to fill positions, consider player age, and decide what your priorities were if you wanted to have any chance of being able to compete with the other teams. Well, there is no fantasy draft in this game. I feel that it was completely irresponsible that none of the reviews that I read (including HERE at GI) included this huge bit of information. I am shocked that Game Informer dropped the ball so egregiously here.(Edited To Add- well, it looks like the braintrust at Madden at least listened to some of the complains about this stinker of a game- They just announced that they will be patching in the Fantasy Draft sometime tomorrow. Now I would give this game a 1.25 instead of the original .25)

2- Almost ZERO 2 player play unless you play online with 2 games (NEW games NOT used since EA forces you to have a 1-use code to get online because EA is that greedy), 2 360's, 2 TVs, and so on. You literally can ONLY play one-off exhibition games if you want to play with friends on the couch. Considering that the basic tenant of sports games has always been the ability to play the game against friends LOCALLY, I am amazed that EA completely cut it out of the game. The only reason that I can see for them doing this is the obvious money grab to force people to buy multiple non-used copies of the game. This is another terrible oversite looked over in all of the garbage positive reviews, including here at GI. It's almost like these people are on the EA payroll not mentioning such HUGE omissions from the game!

3- Cartoony graphics that are a HUGE step back from the last few years' games. NOTHING about this game looks real; From the terrible tackling animations that look like the players never actually touch, to the ridiculously long and unrealistic end of tackle animations where the players needlessly stumble all over each other after the play, to the choppy motion. This highly-touted Infinity engine is complete garbage. The in-game play looks like last-gen stuff.

4- Broken gameplay. I have never seen so many running backs trip before contact or duck their head before contact in a game. In previous Madden games, when something like this happened, you knew it was because you accidentally pushed the wrong button, but in this game, it happens all the time even when you know that you didn't even try to push any buttons at all. Also, as expected, defensive secondary have eyes in the back of their heads and can jump as high as a house.

5- It's needlessly complicated. Much like the generally disliked Madden 2004, this game tries to turn football into an RPG. While the gaining and spending of experience points does sound fun from the outside, the actual implementation is awful. Since each and every player on your 53-man squad earns XP at their own pace, if you really want to control player progression, you will have to go through every single player every single week. This is absolutely unessessary. Yes you can let the computer do this stuff for you, but we all know that letting the computer make decisions like this in a Madden game is a bad idea. Simply going back to Madden 07-09 would be a much better move than trying to turn 13 into a RPG rip-off.

I really could go on, but my venom has died down a bit so I'll stop. the bottom line is that this is far and away the worst game that I have ever purchased and I was sorely disappointed to find out that even 30 minutes after purchase, I could not return it even though the lack of a real offline 2 player mode, fantasy draft, and regressing feature set clearly is a case of false advertising. Shame on Game Informer for whitewashing their review and neglecting to mention the glaring ugly negatives involved in this game.