I've been done with Darksiders 2 for quite some time now, at least until the dlc comes out, but hey it's never too late to write a review. Personally, Darksiders 2 was a great ride for me. I literally couldn't stop playing it for a straight month. The gameplay was simply so amazing and smooth, it never got old. Transitioning from scythe to secondary weapon was a breeze and all of his other abilities were quite simple to access during combat. I personally focused more on the Necromancer side of Death's skilltree, summoning, but the skilltree in of itself allowed for great variety in play style. The variety in weapons and armor was also incredibly amazing. I literally looted every single chest just to see if I could find better weapons/armor. Every piece of weaponry would present new gameplay. Maces, axes, claws, they were all so unique (I <3 maces). Darksiders 2 definitlely is on the top of my list for weapon variety. The different types of collectables were also great to collect, from the stones to the book of the dead pages, because they all gave Death unique items to equip that just made him that much more awesome.  If this game was rated solely on gameplay, it would be a flat out ten, but sadly it's not. A lot of times during the cutscenes the sound wouldn't match what the images were depicting. So many times I found myself saying, "There should have been like an explosion of something there instead of silence." Also, at times the frame rate would drop to incredibly poor quality. Perhaps that is due to the Xbox 360 not being able to handle the game. Gameplay wise, Death is astounding. He possesses uncanny abilities to dodge, jump, grapple, slide,and basically every parkour ability you could ever dream of. As enemy after enemy fell to my scythes I felt that much more powerful, but then again he is death incarnate.....so it kind of gives him an unfair advantage against....everybody. Death as a character, however, slightly disappointed me. He did have some personality to him with his dark and often sarcastic nature, but I wish he would have had a little more. Perhaps his relationship with the other horsemen should have taken a little more of the spotlight or maybe his remorse for killing his brethren should have been made more apparent.

Unlike many reviews I've seen, I personally love the Darksiders storyline. I find it to be incredibly engaging and entertaining. I mean come on, demons, angels, everything in between, the apocalpyse, four *** horsemen, what more could you ask for? The entire theme of different dimensions was greatly intriguing. Heaven, hell, earth, they were all amazing. So many times I found myself just looking at the scenery, just as a rogue skeleton came to spoil my sight gazing. The environments of this game were literly some of the best I have ever seen. It even competes with Assassin's Creed on environmental graphics, that's how good they are. The inner areas of the worlds all consisted of dungeons that held puzzles that reminded of games like the Legend of Zelda. Sometimes theses puzzles could get a little lengthy, but it was all too worth just to fight that final boss. The enemies also added to these environments because no two worlds had similiar enemies. All the enemies were crafted with great detail and all had their strengths/weaknesses. Finding out the different weaknesses of these enemies and then exploiting them to defeat these enemies was one of my favorite aspects of the game. If I had but one complaint about the storyline, it would be that much of the info about the story is gathered the same way: ask somebody a question and then they reply, but other than that the story is great.

As for the game itself, it is literally a refreshing blend of various games ranging from God of War to the Legend of Zelda. It, however, is still it's own unique game all in it self. I found myself so many times saying "I'm going to die" because the enemies were simply so unique and blatantly awesome. Now I don't want to spoil any of the game for anyone who hasn't played it, but some of the boss battles were simply incredible. You'll know what I mean once you play it. Albeit some flaws, the game was still great and will have you coming back again and again. It is definitely a must buy game for 2012. Now about Darksiders 3.....STRIFE ALL THE WAY.

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